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Webcomic profile: Afterwar. Last update: Today, AM. Content flags:. Language: English. Activity status: Active.

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Link: Go to Webcomic. Archive url: Go to Archive. First comic: Read from the Beginning.

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Rating: 4. Our story begins 30 years later when a recruit arrives at the city of Quarria to elite The Red Scale Squadron and support the war effort It's an official star wars-like story begin. The comic story concentrate on events after the end of "The Endless War".

When the Enemy becomes an Allays, Former comrades become Enemies and heroes become outcasts and The country starts to rebuild into the new order. I made some changes in the shadowing technique, so I would like to know if you guys see any difference and if you do.

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Please consider visiting my Patreon and twitter: Patreon. Dont worry, I didn't even notice the light, I had just assumed she was starting to overcome the shock and injury of having her cyberware forcibly deactivated.

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Not that the cyberware had started working. So she's not yet able to use her abilities consciously, then? TrueGhul6 days ago On Czarngate Reply. Questionable way of stabilizing the rifle, but I wouldn't say it to the yena girl's face. Readers of this Webcomic also like:. Blood Feud.

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The Railroad to the Afterlife. The Artifice Flies Again! Romancing Lucifer. Legend of the Knyghtmare V2. Buns of Steel.

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The Fairy Of Autumn. Bad Blood.

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Stolen Bride. Webcomic Data. Genre: Action.

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