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A guide to the collectibles in each level and how to unlock hidden clothing options, as well as a more powerful form for Imp. This information was initially collected from a few different forums and then tested by myself. I have not gotten a few of the chocolate dolls or nude skins, although the information has checked out so far.

Despite some of the task that are listed seeming easy to do, they can be quite challenging. Quite a few required me to come back at a later point in the game with much stronger minions, as well as certain items.

Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Novice Village Zone 1 : in the single box, on the far right : in the box on the far left, which appear 10 seconds after the level start : bat-spin on the dark grey cloud in the far right until it disappears. Can be hard to get, as the having the screen too far to the right seems to make it not work, the alignment with the background may matter, but it is unclear.

Seems to most reliably show up if you attack at the start of the mission with the screen lined up so the warrior is in front of the leg before he moves. Break the platform to drop the chest, then open the chest.

Specifically seems to require having all the books knocked down before at once before a new one can get back in position : on the 3rd wave, get the books with the gold, then defeat the 3 gold mages : destroy the box on the farthest left. Highland of Conquest Zone 5 : defeat the target enemy.

Attack it! devil legion

May not spawn until enough enemies are defeated. Defeat the mages to make them appear : defeat the mounted enemies.

Naked Skins For the naked skins, you collect them on various missions. There does not seem to be a naked skin for the imp or the slime.

Succubus : Choose the skull book and defeat all 3 super mages on stage Harpy : Possibly a random drop from stage to Confirmed to be obtainable from stage by beating all the mages and opening their chests before beating the priest. Dryad : Defeat almost everything in stage probably from the mounted riders.

Lamia : Defeat all the mages that spawn from opening the chests on stage Attack Mode Imp There seems to be a little confusion on what exactly breaks the chains on imp, however there is a way to do it for sure. Other than that you also want to do the talk options that pop up in between missions. Written by Geo