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This episode will take you approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete, there are six collectables to pick up across the ten chapters. There is one collectable in this chapter and also the opportunity to get the drawing achievement. Following the cutscene, you'll wake up in the hospital.

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Bruce as Batman decided to visit Vicki's apartment. Your task is to investigate the situation found on scene. Start by looking through all the rooms.

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First, approach the woman's corpse and investigate it - take a look at her neck, which contains traces of a drug injection Neck - Examine. Then, approach the sofa, search for a syringe, and connect both elements Syringe - Link To. There is a family photo on the chimney on the right, and a body of a man hanging in the cupboard in the kitchen.

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Connect both elements. The next clue - a knife - is on the floor next to the fridge, and there is a strand of hair belonging to Vicki right next to the body of the woman.


Connect both elements and proceed to the living room. There is a mark on the wall to the right, which has to be connected with the belt on which the body of the man in the cupboard hangs. Once you've analyzed both elements, approach the stairs and search for a heat source - you'll find the only living witness. Choose Hidden Panel - Move to begin the next phase of the mission, and then talk to the boy in hiding.

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Once you've talked to the boy, you'll need to avoid the attacking drone. Press the buttons appearing on the screen to complete a quick time event. Once you've through, talk to the boy again. Once you've returned to your home, you'll need to check why your gadget doesn't work.

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Talk to Lucius when you've finished the disassembly. The final part of the chapter four contains what seems to be an important choice - you need to decide whether you want to visit Harvey as Batman, or Bruce.

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As it turns out, the choice isn't that important, as it's mainly affects how your character looks, and some of the dialogue. If you decide to go as Batman, you will get rid of attackers yourself, while Bruce will be saved by Gordon.

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Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Batman: The Telltale Series Guide. Game Guide. Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham.

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Chapter 4 - Back to Business. Table of Contents. The gameplay's mechanics Batcave Controls System requirements Achievements and trophies. Episode 1: Realm of Shadows.

Episode 4: faith

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