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I'm hunting for best eroge visual novels who loves fitness

Some of the most influential indie games are VNs. Others games have mechanics inspired by the medium.

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This is to inform you about the eroge games.

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Hide Up. Forum Settings Forums. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Mainly meaning with high quality cgi and highly animated sprites, etc. Have you heard of White Album 2? Great romance tale with realistically flawed characters, terrific soundtrack, and rich drama. Some people may find it too angsty, though.

Eroge, visual novels, and hentai: your guide to adult visual novels

That link le to the main story btw. You should start from the introductory chapter first. Also, just be aware that the final chapter has yet to be translated. You'll have to rely on machine translations for that. I've also played a lot of eroge and nukige, but I don't see any of them in your list, so I can't give you a recommendation. Moreover, most of the stuff I played tend to be really dark or action-packed, so they might not be your cup of tea.

You can check out my list here. Skittles said: Have you heard of White Album 2? Skittles said: Also, just be aware that the final chapter has yet to be translated. I never got to it until I decided to play the visual novel over the anime but, now, I'm still tentative in trying it soon since it relates to music and seems like a depressing journey to an extent. Probably frustrating with how it revolves in pain against two heroines. I'm not certain of how I feel about difficult relationship stories anymore but there are some styles more aching in displeasure than others.

Although it depends what the plots are, and sometimes conflicts are what strengthen the charm of a romance. I guess it's because I'm assuming a bad painful style to my most displeasure of plots from the synopsis, which I'm not in the mood for just yet.

Top 10 titles for joyjason as of

Skittles has said all I wanted to say. Skittles Ah, ok. I was wondering what Coda was. I don't know when but maybe I'll try the first chapter one day once it's all fully translated to see if I'm willing to go through the bittersweet journey. At the moment I'm playing School Days which is not what I expected. I hate Makoto and the cruelty of it all but anyway.

Other than Amagami that I'm waiting to be fully translated, KimiKiss from the same creators is what I'd love to play but was never translated.

Best eroge games

It's probably the most accurate in the style I want to play as a dating simulation of loving romance with one male protagonist and various heroines with some time-skip endings. Edocchi Thanks, that affirms extra. Just stumbled upon the HentaiGamer website while searching for an eroge's translation.

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Seems like a great if not the best website with english fan translations, directly available for download. Blarey said: Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai fits this pretty well, it's probably the most refined moege I've read and the art is fantastic, if you're looking for VN with "dating sim" elements then I can recommend it.

All the heroines are likable too and the romance is handled extremely well.

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Always open to more recommendations of great romance vn's and sexy high quality eroge. Skittles Offline ed: Jul Posts: I've been recommended White Album 2 very frequently over the years and recently as well. Following the link from vndb of the english patch, it seems somewhat fully translated though? It is actually depressing and dark, so I wouldn't recommend it if you're currently feeling for something like Clannad or Toradora. The love triangle is the central theme throughout the story, even after the game introduces side heroines.

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Lots of strong topics like infidelity, dealing with dark pasts, melodrama, and so on. Furthermore, all the endings are bittersweet and not entirely happy. However, the game deals with all this in a very tasteful manner.

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The cast starts off highly flawed, but all three major characters undergo some of the best character developments I've ever seen in the medium. Introductory Chapter and Closing Chapter have been translated, but sadly Coda is still in progress. Coda is the epilogue segment that deals with the cast as they attend college.

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It's widely regarded as the best portion of the game and the main reason why the game ranks highly on VNDB. Edocchi Offline ed: Jun Posts: Skittles has said all I wanted to say BBCode. Blarey Offline ed: Nov Posts: Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai fits this pretty well, it's probably the most refined moege I've read and the art is fantastic, if you're looking for VN with "dating sim" elements then I can recommend it.

Best eroge games

Can also recommend Fureraba if you want a pure dating sim VN, haven't read Making Lovers yet but that's supposed to be even better and from the same company. I actually have it in my wishlist. I'll get to downloading it then, thanks!