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I'd like pick best sex game reddit that like humiliation

I have fond memories of playing NSFW flash games years ago and thought it would be fun to try a few for nostalgia's sake, but I've no idea where best to find them nowadays. Someone posted this list of porn games a few days ago. HaremHeroes has good porn that's more cartoonish and there's tons of content to get through, still haven't beaten it.

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For us, it is a funny way to have a good foreplay and to stimulate our sexual imagination. We have a few games sex games, lover'sopoly, monogamy, the discovery game etc. I can't say there's a game that inspires me or stimulates my imagination too much. We've got to modify them a little, add some new rules so they won't become boring when playing again. Now we are looking for something new. EDIT: The responses here are great! I got you this old refrigerator box. Let's pretend it's a spaceship then have sex in it.

I happen to love Kinkyp Jenga - my lover and I ed the blocksfive sets, with four bonus blocks for big ticket items, but basically:.

Switch and repeat. Whoever topples the tower is sex slave for the night.

What are your favorite x-rated, free, online, sex rpg games?

Definitely not a board game or involving dice, but my SO and I will occasionally play strip-videogames. Whoever loses a round has to remove an article of clothing.

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Then after the clothes, sexual acts are included for losses. We'll play fighting games, or Mario Bros. Tried this with smash Bros, got too hyped when I won and went to start another game without first asking for an item of clothing to be removed. Strip Donkey Kong was very very fun! Mario battles on the Mario Bros.

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I can second this. I remember one time while playing Pokemon I was trying to hatch an egg of a Pokemon with the right nature.

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My boyfriend went up behind me and said "for every Pokemom you get wrong, something comes off" and sure enough, I get every egg with the wrong nature and I end up giving up and we have awesome sex. Do not recommend. Unless you are very evenly matched, games of skill make bad sex games.

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Unless domination and humiliation are, errrm, desirable I guess. I've done this with my SO. Winner gets to have sex with the other person. Hmm could work.

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Trade answering the question for a Consenting Adults card if you don't know the answer. First forfeit, 10, next forfeit 20 until you no longer consent to the card you pull. Means you need two games to play one.

The best sex game for couples you've played. Posted by 7 years ago.

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Sort by: best. Misread: sexy cardboard games "Oh baby, I love it when it's corrugated!

Continue this thread. Ever tried to pull a Jenga block with your hands bound? I have. I love every bit of this!

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Goddamn do I love her. Not pleased Not at all. You're the envy of every man. You should probably stop having sex in front of your .

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Strip trivial pursuit. Well, that sounded less nerdy in my head. More posts from the sex community.

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