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I breeding sister sex stories somebody that wants grabbing

Ben answered the door to find a beautiful woman, about his age, standing before him. She was shorter than his wife, and her brown hair was in a straight bob. Her face was deceptively adorable, with a small nose and beautiful lips.

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Some of my fellow incest lovers already know about Fred. Fred is my older brother, whom I share my passion for sibling breeding incest. So I thought I would share with you how Fred and I keep it all in the family. When I first started high school, Fred was halfway through college. He was tired of being a virgin, and I had been playing around with boys for a while.

How old am I: 32
Meeting with: I like guy
What is the color of my hair: I have straight hair
My Sign of the zodiac: Libra
What I like to listen: Latin
Smoker: No

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Brother sister breeding stories

Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Thu 4th of January Report. Introduction: Alicia needs to be bred by her big brother!

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I was so bored. It was Sunday and my book wasn't holding my attention. I lay on my bed in my bedroom, my Kindle resting on my naked stomach, my small breasts rising and falling. They were little mounds, small handfuls of titties that had barely sprouted. It kept me looking girlish and childish, younger than my nineteen years.

‘sister breeding’ stories

Which was good, because I enjoyed being my older brother Clint's little sister. His little princess. I had my right leg balanced on my left knee, my foot swinging from side-to-side as I tried to concentrate on my newest romance novel.

But I just couldn't get into it. The poor girl was in love with her step-brother it was never her real brother, always step-brothers which I thought was a real shame but he was ignoring her. All it did was make me think of my own brother. Where was he?

My little cunny grew hot and wet. I squirmed my thighs, my snatch freshly shaved this morning, the slit girlish tight. I bit my lip, my toes curling. I set my Kindle to the side, staring at my flexing toes, rolling them over and then straightening them again.

I shivered as a wave of heat washed through me. Now I was bored and horny.

Breed me big brother chapter two: little sister’s breeding plan

I snagged my glasses off my nightstand, put them on, and brought the world into sharp focus. I didn't need them to read, but everything farther than a foot away was blurry. I sat up, my light-brown hair, gathered in a pair of pigtails, swaying alongside my head. The ends brushed my hard nipple, sending tingly delight through my body. I shivered and flounced off of my bed, darting naked to the door. Going naked through the house was very common. Our family was different. My mother, my sisters and half-sisters, my aunt, and the other women were all part of Clint's harem. Even the two lesbian sisters, Juana and her sex-slave Carmelita, who lived with us went around naked.

They moved in with us after their parents kicked them out for being lesbian lovers last week. I searched for Clint breeding sister sex stories the main house and didn't find him. The only people that were home were my half-sisters Melody and Pam.

Our dead father was like his son, Clint, a horndog. He'd turned my mom and her sister, Aunt Vicky, into his sex slaves. They then would find other women for him to love. Melody was Aunt Vicky's oldest daughter and Pam was half-Japanese, her mother one of those Asian women my mom found for my dad to enjoy. We only learned Pam was one of our sisters a year ago.

Clint had fallen in love with her hard. Melody and Pam were his girlfriends. Lee, Mom, Aunt Vicky, and Pam's mom were his sex slaves. My oldest sister Zoey and her girlfriend Stefani where his lovers. And I was his little princess! She was the only blonde member of the family, her sandy-blonde locks falling loose around her face instead of gathered in her usual braids. She had her thighs parted, a landing strip of gold leading to her shaved pussy. She didn't have a tight slit but instead her inner labia blossomed out, looking so yummy.

Brother sister breeding stories

She was a petite girl with round breasts, her skin that pale-dusky olive tone from her Japanese mother. She had her silky-black hair gathered in a thick, French braid that draped out around her. I so didn't want to have to go outside. Our family owned three houses next to each other. One was the main house I grew up in, the next was Aunt Vicky's house, and the third Clint, through Mrs. Hiragawa, bought last year so our growing family had room to expand. Melody and Pam had both borne our brother children.

‘sister breeding’ stories

They were so lucky. I wanted to have his baby. Lee, my bratty half-sister, was pregnant, and so was my mom. They were both starting to show and it just was so unfair. On an impulse, I threw myself between my two half-sisters. I snuggled between their naked bodies, wiggling like between her parents.

Brother sister breeding stories

I breathed in their perfume. They both smelled so good, sweet and flowery. Melody smiled at me, turning onto her side, her round breasts swaying before me, her thick, dusky nipples suddenly right before my face.

I pushed up my glasses as I stared at her nub. She had darker nipples, a rich brown that made my mouth water. I want his baby so badly. You both had his daughters.

And they're so beautiful. I just want to have his baby and love him or her! She slid it up my body, sending a wave of heat through me. My sister reached my breast, rubbing my hard nipple. And Christie's so beautiful.

I just want to have one of his beautiful children! Tingles raced up my skin, making my pussy tingle. My toes curled and wiggled as my pussy grew juicier and juicier. If every woman in his family gets pregnant at the same time, people will ask question.

Half the school thinks I'm already fucking Clint. They're fine with it. Incest is spreading! Everyone secretly loves it! I just want to have his baby!

‘sister breeding’ stories

Then Pam's hand reached my shaved pussy. My Japanese half-sister's smile transformed from a supportive to a naughty smile as she rubbed my hot flesh. Tingles raced through my body. I let out a little whimper as she rubbed at my plump vulva, stimulating my tight slit.

Her finger parted my folds, stroking my inner petals. And my clit. I let out little moans.

Their touch felt so nice.