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The special was first released on home video in October, and then aired on The WB network on December 21, The special begins by introducing Jake Spankenheimer and his family, most notably his grandmother, who owns a small general store in the town of Cityville.

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Cousin Mel : All you have to do is .

Grandpa Spankenheimer : Sing? Cousin Mel : No.

Grandpa Spankenheimer : Fine. Cousin Mel : So .

Grandpa Spankenheimer : I'd rather sing. Cousin Mel : You're a fruitcake! Grandma Spankenheimer : We make enough money. Cousin Mel : Enough?

Grandma spankenheimer

Enough is never enough. Cousin Mel : In case you haven't noticed, Frank, your son suffers a dreaded affliction. Frank Spankenheimer : What affliction? Cousin Mel : The Santa-Claus-is-real syndrome.

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He shows all the s. Making lists to Santa, checking them twice, good behavior, falling asleep before midnight, I figure he gets it from his grandmother.

Jake Spankenheimer : You saw it, didn't you, Grandpa? Grandpa Spankenheimer : I'm sorry, did you say something?

Jake spankenheimer

I was too busy watching Grandma get hit by Santa's sleigh. What a sight, sleigh comes out of nowhere, Grandma takes a header into the snowbank, sleigh vanishes, like the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Cousin Mel : And that's what's known as an advanced case of Santa-Claus-is-real syndrome. In. Showing all 6 items. Jump to: Photos 1 Quotes 5.

Create a list ». Samen met Lydia. My Favourite Christmas Movies.

Cousin mel

Christmas Classics. See all related lists ». Share this :.

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