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I would like look up drages animation who like laweekly

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What is my age: I am 59
I love: Gentleman
Eye tint: I’ve got cold blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Gender: Fem
Hair: Chestnut
I speak: Russian
Figure features: I'm quite thin
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Profile Gallery Scraps Fav orite s Journals. Welcome to Drages Animations!

Hi, people! I am Drages, an adult content animator for more than 20 years.

I was making this as a hobby before but now I am making this as my actual job. My animations are from little loops to full stories.

I am making games with my animations too. I am using Poser Pro 11 and Sony Vegas for my content. I plan to go for professional 3D programs like Blender in near future. You can find many animations and renders at my galleries already but if you want to see much more quality, revamped and new stuff, I would ask for some support from you as I am doing this for living.

Thank you for understanding. I have one game finished Barn Secrets and one much bigger one still at development Blue Ribbon. My support sites are mostly adult material with some vore. My store and DeviantArt places got the exact vore materials. For my art examples, you can check all my galleries! If you want to ask something, you can use my discord server or Twitter.

Drages animations

View Gallery. View Favorites. View List Watched by View List Watching Views: Submissions: Favs: Comments Earned: Comments Made: Journals: View Journal 4 Comments. As Blue Ribbon 1. BUT first of all, some people think with the end of the development of Blue Ribbon, I finished the project without delivering what I promised like other genders, races, audio. Laura, our lovely minotaur won my heart already as I worked on Blue Ribbon for more than a year. I want to see her much more and I think you are here for her too.

I did not even think over any progress or ending system. As time passed, I made more plans. In the middle of development, I become a full-time lewl content creator as I left the military. This changed plans, a lot. Now I got a future in this and I need much bigger plans. I create something rare art which very few people would go for it.

There is not many sexy killing machine moo like Laura out there. It was what I want to make for me and you. First, I did not guess I will get enough support for this kind of niche thing but thanks to you, I saw that it's possible. I can pay for my coder, for my audio editor, and more things necessary. I could and should have bigger plans now. Blue Ribbon concept would not able to handle more than some simple des. I need to pass to another game concept to able to make more things together.

Animation aloha tube

I wanted to add more characters, genders, races and animations, events For this kind of thing, I need to have an RPG world. I hate that RPG maker games, I could never like them but somehow I need to de something with adventure, progress. So I like the text adventures like Champion of Corruption but I am not good with English and text too.

I am a visual guy. Testament of Minos Story: Blue Ribbon did not have a story. It started with a moo who wants to have ribbons of a girl and ended with a meat-eater revenge story against Wendy.

Nobody knows the real canon including me. I looked for the Minotaur story in Greek mythology. It was simple but a sad story from the minotaur's view. So as we got already a female minotaur, I just added Laura as Minotaur's unknown, hidden sister and after she was trained by Amazons, she wants to take revenge on her family.

She is a combination of Poseidon's Lust which is given to her mother, the Minotaur's rage against humans, and the intelligence of her father. Laura will seek to destroy all of Drages animation ill-minded plans about breeding humans and animals in his hidden island. De: You will have a home named Mino's Temple. You will go to the island from a portal and search the island part by part. You will fight with other things, humans, furries, animals. You will get experience to use it to improve yourself, getting endings and skills.

Drages animations

When you are at the temple, you will able to deal with captives like Blue Ribbon as rituals. You will open runes with experience and those runes will open endings. You will choose the endings before you go for ritual. So there will be no combination needed anymore. For short, go out, capture things, return and do whatever you want. The preys you capture will have levels too. So with this power, humans can survive big dicks and harsh breeding. You can create a very tough cum bag prey if you drages animation don't kill them at rituals. Combat will have sex inside too but I did not de that part yet.

At first versions, you will just catch. There is a flask system and inventory will be added later. Result: As you see, with this de, I can add anything for you to use, females, males, futas, furries.

I can add NPC's like other doms like big bears, rhinos with unique events and animations. There is no limit. I will add more des and there will be changes on the way too. Save wipes will happen from time to time but I will give you cheats :.

The game is in development already for 3 months but as this is a real big game, it takes time. I try to release always working builds without problems so I need a bit more time for the first playable version.

This time development would not end probably as I add more content. The first version will be here in August hopefully. You can ask any question at my discord server. Thank you! User Profile. Accepting Trades. Accepting Commissions.