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Log in with itch. Guys, please do something about the swimsuit quest, because it is practically impossible to complete. Especially because you can't visit all the girls on Sunday as you can only go into to dorms 3 times a day which makes doing it all in one week impossible. And following the play-through doesn't help either. How do you get to read the Ginny's diary?

It said in the walkthrough that I have to practice legilimency f95 innocent witches her, I am in the chapter 4, I have already completed the prefect's papers and now I am with the swimsuits, do I have to wait untill the chapter 5 to be able to practice legilimency?

So you have to look at what she's thinking, and whatever comes out as a solid color instead of see through will be the code to the diary. For example: a solid colored wand appeared as she was thinking, 'wand' was the code for me. Uhh, i accept the licens and agreements, and the next thing is the tower image.

Nothing more, do i just have to wait a little? After ordering the broom for I can't open the giftbox. Is there any way to fix the problem? I'm midway in the Genni questline, and can't continue. I believe this is a bug after reading the guide.

After catching the snitch and inviting Genni officially, she request I only invite her unofficially. Once I do that, we just sit with us trying help her practice focusing, thereafter hinting me get my hands on her diary. I have yet to have the prompt to impress her with releasing the snitch, which why I think it's keeping me from getting the key from Minerva.

I've even tried to just be accompanied to Gryffindor hallyet when I click the bear on the bed, it just le to comments on how cute it is. Any help would be appreciated. Although, when u do find the damned diary, u'll need a way to decipher it, ur answer will be in above comments. BUT, the whole game is still full of bugs 0. I'm playing 0. I'm in the headmaster's office and I know I'm supposed to get drunk, but every time I try to drink, it says that 'there is no reason to drink right now.

Does it need to be a specific day or time of day?

I've watched the walkthrough, but I f95 innocent witches work out why I can't get the conversation w minerva where she gives you the key to get ginny's diary. I'm in the same place. We need the night potion thing from snape he doesn't give me the option and I'm just going to assume lunas diary is part of the next release because the other prefects have been talking about they're diary's aswell. I figured it out! I'd forgotten to talk to one of the girls so try that, then you can get the potion from snape and get down to the front gate, still nothing on any of the diarys though Yeah I had to start a new game because it completely bugged out but this time round it's all going smoothly, iv got Ginnys diary and decided it and solved all the girls problems now I'm at the end game trying to become a tutor.

How do you look into ghost lady?

I have version 0. Watch vid. Will not work on any day of the week. I'm stuck in the meantime. The problem is that it just defaults informal visits to Saturday and doesn't give text notification. Is Ginny available in.

She disappeared after the snitch scene and I can't find her anywhere. I've read the guide and I'm in chapter 5, but it doesn't say how to get her to appear. How can I practice legilimency with Ginny? When I summon her she just says that I'm asking why I can not start them.

In chapter 4 in the 0.

Hi, are the peaking the curtains scenes supposed to have animations or anything because i cant see anything on them, playing 0. I can't leave my office.

I'm at level 10 brutality, level 4 perception, and every time i click on the door it doesn't let me try anything, just "that little elven bitch is still there". Hey, I am not able to save my game anymore. I started a new game and only made it to chapter one before it bugged. When I hit escape, all it shows me is options, extras, continue, and leave, but there's no option for saving :.

Hi i cant see the reward for hermione puzzles or luna or susan when its in like the close up text screen. Fixed, found an issue with my directx reinstalled and all working now. Thanks very much for all your help.

I already talked with Snape and with every girl about the new rule, but nothings happens after that. I see in the walkthrough that i need to talk with Sally about serious topics, but that option dont show up to me. Help pls.

Im stuck at the beginning of chapter 4 when your trapped in your office, i tried to drag the broom to the window but it just talks about how i brought it to just throw it out the window. How do i get out please help. I deliver gifts along with mail to girls and status does not increase How do I give them gifts when they go to my office? I need help I f95 innocent witches stuck Minerva wont let me leave and nothing I do works how to go from there? At the end of chapter 4 and the start of 5, you go back to azkaban. And instead of going back to the office, the game puts me in the main menu of the game.

So i have to continue from the save menu, i go back in the game and i have to talk with herimone again, and after that theres nothing further to the story, is that then the end of chapter 5, just for now? I have done alle the postioning questions with the girls, and talked to herimone 2 times.

Thought it was free roam now, but i cant do the realtionship puzzles or go out the door, and im at brutality level When i get back to the office, via the save menu, i cant save only go back to Azkaban, its kinda a loop. Like the only thing i can do is going back to Azkaban and the only objectiv right now is "Attain council's aprovel".

I've done all that's required for the Girls Paper's, Ginny's Diary I've looked at the Walk-through, done as it said, followed the Youtube video Am I misunderstanding the instructions or simply incapable of following directions?? I- sigh I looked at that. That was in fact the walkthrough I used. I read through the comments and answers before posting mine, just to make sure I covered all my basis.

Oh well, if I can't get through the first part after trying for four days, I'm pretty much done, which kind of sucks I cannot seem to download your game.

Failed forbidden which is a lack of authentication. I've done everything on my end to fix this. Is there another download link? And because all characters are at least 18 years old.