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I dating female pirate tumblr that loves scars

In the 5th century A. Eventually they met a company of pirates who were in need of a new captain and they were so captivated by her that they elected her as their new leader.

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Anne Bonny and Mary Read were a famous duo of female pirates who had a violent career in the early 18th century. Both had unusual teenage years. The two became close friends and possibly loverswho fought side-by-side in battle wielding pistols and machetes. This came to an end that October, when their ship was attacked by a ship commissioned by the Governor of Jamaica.

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. A painting of Anne Bonny from Black Sails!

I'm not super into the show, but it's a holiday present for toofastandtoofurious who loves pirates and especially Anne Bonny! This was An Experence painting this. So much texture that had to be dealt with! So much tiresome color matching! But it was fun and worth it in the end. Before continuing, as a disclaimer, it is largely disputed that she ever existed. As most writings of her existence are attributed to French fiction writer, Leon Treich, in the s. She was supposedly born in Hispaniola, with family tragedy abound, in the form of her Haitian mother passing during childbirth to her brother who survived birth, but with mental issuesand her French father being murdered when she was a young girl.

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Destitute, she turned to piracy and ed a small crew targeting small boats around Hispaniola. After being noticed, Delahaye faked her own death and tried to the career anew disguised as a man. An even trade.

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Ah yes, another comic where I blatantly ignore drawing different camera angles to save time. I'm sure I'll give them a proper introduction soon enough, but for now, here they are, in very low resolution. XD i am trying to do studies on ships so i can give these guys' story a proper background though so don't give up on me just yet there's just so much to learn about ships my guys The official ref for my one piece oc, the captain of the Crusader pirates.

The female soldier — anne bonny and mary read were a famous duo of

The Dark Raven; Faust Ravina. Personality: Many a times, Ravina is seen by her opponents as cunning, dangerously precise when it comes to taking down anything they send after her, and an overall mystery that they become frustrated with trying to solve. For the most part, those traits hold a good amount of truth to it, and it does not help the fact that because of her reputation and strategy, she is unofficially called "The strongest swords woman in the world" though it is a title up for debate, mostly Ravina trying to convince others that she isn't, due to the fact that earning that title was not her goal at all.

Those that respect her and only know of her, she is a figure of honor, always the calm one in a seemingly dire situation, and is never the one to provoke a fight.

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But when you pull back the veil, you are met with an intelligent, but caring woman, who above all else, values the meaning of moral compassion over gaining self desires. To those she shows her true colors to Loved ones, Crew mates, or family related friendsshe is shown to be fair, always willing to reason rather than result anything in violence, and stays loyal to those she cares truly for.

When interacting with others, she can be both ladylike yet to the point, keeping an open mind but at the same time if she sees something wrong, she will either reveal it later one for further comprehension or point it out if the situation calls for it. Due to her age, it comes with a natural urge of responsibility and respect of other peoples opinions and views, and with those extra years, has learned to tolerate many things and thus stay collected when things are troubling her. Yet another well known trait about her is that she is always observantfemale pirate tumblr it was the first lessons she had learned from her late mother before she passed away, she always practices it as a testament.

On the other hand, when she is not within her comfortable element, she can be persuasive, confident and enigmatic when she wants to be, knowing that foreign conflicts have a better chance of getting resolved, even when you are not acting like the adult at the time.

And so when female pirate tumblr comes to any down sides, it takes a great amount of effort and deliberate frustration to piss her off, but when she is angry, she tends to have a condescending attitude towards the problem, and at times will belittle her enemies so to incapacitate them without violence Kind of like a warning shot to stay away If you get her past the point of no return, she will not immediately resolve to death, instead beating down those who are responsible to the point where they will not be able to continue for a very long time.

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Dream: For most of her younger life, she had to stay on her hometown island, in fear that people would find out about her existence and would want to hurt her due to her heritage Namely the Navy and World government. Many had told her that she was the result of the betrayal that shook the government, and was a danger to those around her. As she got older, her desire to get off the island and follow in her mother's footsteps had urged her to become a pirate, in a way to prove them wrong and defy the government as much as possible.

That at first was her goal, boat as the years passed, she realized how big the world was, and so her dream had began to change. Her dream became to see the world she was denied to see asand thus become free.

Reputation: For the most part, she hides her face behind a tribal mask, so to not reveal her identity to the world government. The reasoning was because she is the daughter of not only an infamous female pirate tumblr by the name of Leiavana Serene "Serenade of Demons", who came from the island of Ohara long before it's destruction, she was the result of Serene's relationship with Warlord Faust Aron "Spirit Reaver Aron", who betrayed the government before Ravina was born. She knows that any member of the Faust family is recognized by their striking silver eyes.

So to not risk anyone important to her even more so, she mostly wears the mask. When she began piracy 14 yrs before the Before Marinewar time line, her victory over a ruthless group of marines called the Eastern blood crows, by single handedly annihilating the entire ship had marked her first action against the navy, and it was then she was officially labeled as a pirate.

Her rep skyrocketed after every defeat of marine aggressors and other notorious pirates, including the rumored connections with the Revolutionary army.

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When news spread of her alliance with Whitebeard, who was known to be ly allied with her mother in the past, she became an even bigger target. During the marineford war, her identity as a Faust was finally revealed. Background: Born on the Meridias Isles with her parents both retired temporarily from piracy so to raise hershe grew up with her identity hidden.

Despite this, she had a fairly normal childhood, training with her father with the art of the sword, and would often play hooky with another kid whom she called Hawk, who would only visit the island for a short time for every visit. For most of her younger life, she had to stay on her hometown island, in fear that people would find out about her existence and would want to hurt her due to her heritage Namely the Navy and World government.

As she got older, her desire to get off the island and follow in her mother's footsteps had urged her to become a pirate, in which it was a dream shared by her friend Hawk, who later proposed to her and vowed to her in her future travels. Before she could though, once she turned 20, a ruthless group of marines called the Eastern blood crows invaded the island, with every intention to female pirate tumblr and arrest her father.

In an attempt to hide him, she revealed herself instead, and volunteered to take his place. But during the trip towards Enies Lobby, a freak storm had hit them, and through the fray, she destroyed the ship and killed them. Cast away on a nearby island, she was brought back to health by a small tribe of warriors called the Halshierans, and for around four years, lived with them and gained a place among them. After that, she departed the island, and after a long journey, returned to her home, only to find that Hawk had already left, and her father under the female pirate tumblr that she had been dead.

Easing his fears, she declared her arrival as the official departure as a pirate, and taking her father's old pirate ship 10 yrs before the current timeline, established the Crusader pirates.

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Super human speed, unbelievable balance, agility, accuracy, and reflexes. Skills: Swordsmenship, piloting a ship, carving,the art of intimidation, some hand to hand combat, knowledge on devil fruits and reputations of most pirates, female pirate tumblr other languages Has a poneglyph translation bookpublic speaking, Stealth, cooking, going undercover, wine making, some basic medical expertise, tracking skills, Metallurgy, Dancing, etiquette, acquiring information, and negotiating.

Other weapons of preference - If no sword, than a wooden staff, either that or her basic skills on hand to hand combat. Halsherians- A tribe of islanders that came to her aid when the marine ship she was captive on got destroyed in a freak storm. She stayed with the tribe for 4 years, eventually earning their respect and molded into the tribe, until she had to return home.

They provided a ship, supplies, and wished her farewell by giving her a warriors traditional mask. It is the same mask she wears when she becomes s pirate.

The Sun pirates- During her journey back home 14 years before Marineford, she came upon the Sun pirates who were docked in the same town she was in at that time. Due to a scuffle between her and Arlong, which ended up in her boat getting ripped to pieces, she made a deal with the captain to allow her to travel on their boat until she got to where she could get another boat. In that time, she befriended and gained the trust of many of its members, especially that of the young girl named Koala. She spent a few months on their ship before they reached an island with a port of boats, and that is where they parted ways.

The Crusader pirates- The pirate crew she later forms after she leaves her home. Taking the female pirate tumblr her father used called the Passover, she traveled around the Grandline, recruiting members that wished to follow the piratical life and wished for a free life on the open sea. Because of the many hardships they pulled through, and the adventures they shared together, they respect her. The bond they have is similar to that of brothers and sisters, which is constantly tested by the many secrets she tends to hold to herself, but later reveals.

Dracule Mihawk- Ravina and Mihawk were childhood friends in their early years, and in their twenties, they had plans to marry and create their own pirate crew.

But before that could happen, a radical group of Marines called the Southern blood crows landed on the island, with the intent to take her father to Enies lobby for his past crimes. She took his place instead, and did not see him for 12 yrs, and in that time she became a pirate captain and he a warlord.

After those 12 yrs, they meet again and rekindle what they had before. Out of that, Damien and Serene Named after her mother came around. The sword Eclipse was once her mother's, a sword made in Ohara with unknown status. Mother died when female pirate tumblr buster call was announced to destroy her home in Ohara, Ravina was only Her mother Leiavana Serene was a pirate, her father Faust Aron was a warlord many yrs ago.

Her mother's place of origin was Ohara, thus she learned how to read poneglyphs. Due to her sudden death however, she could not teach Ravina, and so the last thing she gave her daughter was a translation journal, that translated the glyphs into english. This took probably around 5 hours, not including the time it took to make the first attempt at this, which I ended up losing to my computer restarting.

This was supposed to be a good ol character de but yeah I made a whole scene. There is a pirate challenge on Instagram, and this is one of the pics I drew for it. Inktober Day 5 - Blade. And who uses sabers?