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Fortunately, there are some tech-savvy gays who have been hard at work putting together aggregates and video hosting platforms for guys who like to see hard guys do stuff with other hard guys. Foxgay videos Gay is one of those sites and doesn't disappoint with the torrents of gay porn you can get access to without downloading a single torrent.

On this website, there are vids from every major gay tube you've probably heard of…and a few that you probably haven't. Videos aggregated here are of various length running anywhere from just a few minutes, to minute flicks, and even half hour long or longer epics. While there are non-data heavy, non-high-definition videos available here which is perfect for those who might be viewing on their mobile devices, there are plenty of HD clips and vids from queer smut sites from all over the net to choose from.

As I said, Fox Gay pulls content from all over the gay porn web, but they do seem to prefer a certain kind of guy.

While you can spot some twinks from time to time as well as the occasional bear, most of the videos feature big, burly muscle-bound men. The guys' ages range from late teens to dudes well into their forties, but the bulk of them have clearly been in the gym bulking up. There are white guys, black dudes, and all other colors available. Some of these performers are cute and clean cut while others are tatted up for the gods. While the focus is clearly on big, muscly men, you will find some scenes of these kinds of guys sorting out some skinny pussy boys, too. Super Fag-tastic Search Options Since there is so much to choose an aggregator like this should foxgay videos good filtering options.

Fortunately, Fox Gay has incorporated two different sorting features. First, you can select video and make searches by category.

include age niches like Young guys and Mature Men, the standard stuff like Masturbation and Fisting, and even rare niches like Mulattoes and Romantic. Second, you can sort videos by tags as well. For those unfamiliar, tags are labels attached to videos which usually include a relevant category or the video should be classified as, foxgay videos also information which might include specific acts performed in the video. For example, some videos are tagged as boyfriend fucking, fucking for money, or infidel husbands.

Obviously, this will get you something more particular than the general category selection. Unlike some competing sites, Fox Gay allows you to filter your video selection with both sorting features. Moving on, each viewing is clean and well-deed, and you can rate the video as well as get linked to a series of related ones super easy. That said that all there really is to do. Other than watch and search, there aren't too many interactive features on Fox Gay — not even a comments section.

Extensive Porn Stars Listicles Who doesn't like a good list…especially when it includes porn stars.

To make finding videos of the hottest hunks on Fox Gay easier there is a huge porn star database. Each of the performers are ranked by users, their stats are listed, and all of their profile s are tagged appropriately. You can search for performers by sex role, age, ethnicity, and hair color. Like I said earlier if you're into beefcakes your in for a bevy of performers. However, if you like ificantly older, less built gentlemen or thin guys you're out of luck. If you try sorting performers down to the Thin category you'll foxgay videos end up with two search : Marcel Schultt and Brent Corrigan.

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Of course, most of the Corrigan videos are of him after his early twink days, so Fox Gay's definition of "thin" seems to be of well-defined guys. The shitty part is that too many webmasters don't optimize their sites for smartphones or tablets. Fortunately, to accommodate all of us, Fox Gay has been optimized both for desktop platforms and for all mobile devices. Fox Gay Cares About Your Safety A big problem with tube sites these days is that they are crawling with annoying adverts and malicious malware.

Fortunately, for you guys, Foxgay videos Gay actually cares about your safety when surfing the web.

While all of the videos these aggregate are from tube sites and blog s, they do take precautions to not to link to s which might put your device at risk. Similar to smartphone apps like Grindr, this website features a geolocator function which allows you to chat with and potentially hook up with other gays near you. Unlike Grindr though, you can access this site through your desktop or mobile device, so you're always just a few clicks or taps away from talking to and networking with hundreds or even thousands of other horny guys in your area.

up is completely free and takes almost no time at all. You can even foxgay videos your Facebook information if you want.

Check Out the Queer Touring Guidelines Speaking of bonus features, Fox Gay also hosts a link to Gay Go, a tourist website which directs you to queer-friendly touring destinations. In addition to whole cities to check out, Gay Go lists specific destinations in cites, as well as gay-friendly businesses, restaurants, and events to check out.

Full list:

Sure going to exotic places all over the world is great, but sometimes it can be hard to afford traveling all over the world on a budget. If that situation applies to you, then Gay Go has you covered with an "events near me" option. Further, if you own a queer-friendly business or have an event going on you can promote yourself by easily getting listed with Gay Go. Heck yeah, you should.

This site is friendly to all mobile devices and is really easy to sort through.

All things considered Fox Gay is a great aggregator which will get you to some of the best gay porn on the net. Hell, if you look at the site twice, you might find that it probably has most of the best gay porn.

For : fox gay porno espanol mexicano

And unlike other aggregators which will obnoxiously take you offsite to watch videos, they link you to and put you at risk of catching malware, Fox Gay hosts videos, too. FoxGay Still, the videos are well-categorized and tagged, and fresh stuff is ed constantly. For these reasons, I give Fox Gay four out of five hands. Free Gay Porn Tube Sites Top Premium Gay Porn Sites.

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