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Note: both are the same game produced by the Kinkoid studio Harem Heroes is the name on Nutaku Hentai Heroes is the name for other geos. In our game, you travel a fantasmatic world believe me, it is… where you must charm its lovely inhabitants in order to grow your own harem. Then you have to contend with the other harems and show everyone your sexual power! Hentai Heroes Share Collapse. Author Comments. Newgrounds s are free and registered users see fewer !

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Best of all, these are mostly characters you know and love, from all kinds of games and manga. At its core, Hentaiheroes is a character-building sim.

Hentai heroes

This type of game is popular amongst browser games, where you get that nice feeling of watching your hero becoming stronger and wealthier. Always feels good to be the big dick. HentaiHeroes takes it one step further, dropping you in a universe with famous fictional bitches that will fuck you as long as you play it right.

The ladies will become your main source of income, giving you cash at the end of each timer. The arena will have your top bitches battling it out for stats and prizes, while pachinko lets you gamble your money for items. Get strong, get rich, and fuck bitches.

With Hentaiheroes often misspelled as "haremheroes. Adventure and Battles Hentaiheroes starts off as a standard visual novel. The game does a good job of gradually introducing to new mechanics. These tutorials are all woven into the storyline, making it painless to go through.

Adventure is the main area of the game. This is where you start off in, and all the adventures follow really linear paths, like a visual novel. This is your currency to keep the story going. How do you get energy back? You can either wait for it to recharge 1 hentia heroes every four minutesor you can pay up! Harem is where you can view your collection of bitches. These girls all have their own stats, including level, their affection for you, and fuck-battle stats all the fights in the game are fucking.

Most importantly, you click on the bitches to collect their money. The market features four weird motherfuckers all selling their brand of shit. You have weapons, potions, books, and gifts. You can buy your girls gifts to increase how much money they give you. The items that are sold are randomized. Restocking the items costs money.

Of course, this will cost you a lot of real-life dough. Degenerate gambling is always a great option The markets can get really expensive, so Hentaiheroes gives you another option. Like some serious degenerate Japs, Hentaiheroes offers Pachinko where you can win not only great items, but rare bitches as well. Also note this: the game does give you enough cash to play a lot of Pachinko, and I have a couple of legendary items from it already.

The game currency is divided into Kobans and cash.

The Pachinko game can also be played in either cash or Kobans, with the Kobans version giving way better prizes. What I Like This is one of the best browser games out there. Like any standard RPG, you have levels, stats, and gear that all comes together to make the most hardcore characters possible. The Tower of Fame is a feature where Hentaiheroes shows you a global ranking of hentia heroes the players.

You can win some serious fucking dough and XP from being the winner of the week. I also like that the main character is based on Goku. Goku is the most real motherfucker out of every anime character. And yes, the dude even goes Super Saiyan with his dick.

Of course, the games that do have amazing graphics usually cost money. Hentaiheroes lets you play for free…but only up to a point. First, the easiest way to grow your characters and harem is through the adventure mode. However, each action on the adventure costs energy. This means you have to wait for it to recharge. The only answer of course, is to buy more energy with real dollars. Hentaiheroes is really good at manipulating you to make real purchases.

The Pachinko game is a great example.

Hentaiheroes even gives you enough Kobans to get one or two rolls in. Hentaiheroes also forces you to register early on in the game, although it lets you keep playing without confirmation. If you end up loving the game, make sure to confirm your for bonus cash. Change the music! I just need to get this in. They do a couple of key things right that really makes this game addicting.

First, the game is generous hentia heroes you at the start. Way more generous than a lot of other games that try their best to milk your every last penny. Hentaiheroes actually gives you some good money and items early on in the game.

For : hentia heros

But the game has moments where it slows down. There are lots of random ways that the game will force you to wait out a timer.

The adventure mode can also slog on sometimes. Hentaiheroes also has two different ways to play, which adds a lot of variety and fun. If you get tired of adventuring, then go hit up the arena and battles, or vice versa. No matter how you play Hentaiheroes, the game will offer plenty of cool treasures to chase after. Building the ultimate harem sex team is a dream that all of us share, and Hentaiheroes will let you chase it.

Open Hentai Heroes. Hentai Heroes What do hentia heroes do with the money? You go to the goddamn market of course! Hentaiheroes is pretty generous on the front-end, but can get brutal on the back-end. Catchy gameplay and great early game Many famous characters from all kinds of franchises Late game becomes a slog, tempting you to buy in-game currency Good for a browser game, but weak compared to some PC games.

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