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Summary: Usability inspection is the generic name for a set of methods that are all based on having evaluators inspect a user interface. Typically, usability inspection is aimed at finding usability problems in the de, though some methods also address issues like the severity of the usability problems and the overall usability of an entire system. Many inspection methods lend themselves to the inspection of user interface specifications that have not necessarily been implemented yet, meaning that inspection can be performed early in the usability engineering lifecycle.

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The galaxy has one last adventure in store for the crew of The Unreliable. Murder on Eridanos is the final story DLC for The Outer Worldswhere you step into the shoes of an inspector trying to solve the murder of superstar actress, Halcyon Helen. With all of the densely interwoven twists and turns throughout the story of Murder on Eridanos, there are more than a few times where a walkthrough could help push you in the right direction: where to start the DLC, how to get the best ending, and ultimately, who to accuse as the murderer. Watch on YouTube.

For this to trigger, you need to have completed Radio Free Monarch, left the planet, spoken to Phineas, and landed at Byzantium. Then speak to ADA and bring up the aetherwave drama, and it will bring up the starting cutscene for Murder on Eridanos. With that done, interact with the star map and make your way to Eridanos in the top-left corner of the screen. Eventually, Dr Goodnight will give you the Discrepancy Amplifier — a powerful technological gizmo that can inspector j walkthrough you to detect clues in your surroundings.

Discuss the clue with your new investigative partner and exhaust the conversation options to learn everything you can.

Like father, like daughter

A streaked 3? A tossball stick? Return to the lobby and speak to Concierge Halston on your left. First, speak to Administrator Ludovico using the terminal. Ask him to grant you access to the purpleberry orchards as per your lead. Finally, use the terminal on the desk. Speak to the pool guard, Dolph McAllister. Say you want to investigate the pool and grill him about why it looks weird and there are so many armed guards around.

Exhaust the conversation options, learning that the usual pool minder was found dead by a suspected overdose, then take a look around. Another arrow in that direction. Talk to Lillie Vargas and say the pool guard sent you. Back to the task at hand. This updates the Strange Disappearance of a Watchman quest to search room A2 in the lower level of the hotel. On the other side, look left and speak to the cashier at the nut hut.

Exit the office and turn right towards the orchard. Inspector j walkthrough little further up the path, speak to Jacob — another worker afflicted with whatever is infesting the orchard. Follow the footprints and defeat the hunters. When you get there use the amplifier to analyse the picnic blanket and tossball stick. Could it have driven him to murder? Now pick up the RR and DD keycard and look for the marker to the northwest. This is the RR and DD building where you need to go.

The last episode of inspector j

With Persuade 65 you can ask for a bit of a hand in the form of some supplies in now-unlocked storage cupboards. In this next room, bear right and use the tanks to shield yourself from the vision of the weird worm enemy and the other host. Hug the right hand wall and sneak past the three enemies in here, then slip through the hole in the wall.

As you approach, your efforts will be foiled by someone familiar to the doctor, but unknown to you. Take the keycard from her body, then use her terminal. As you leave, it quickly becomes apparent that someone has set the waspquitos to pollinate with inspector j walkthrough still in the orchard.

Rush to your right to turn off the terminal. Either way, now is a good time to investigate the disagreement between the orchard manager and the SLUG agent. And it looks like wooly cow dung was added with the vinegar. Inspect the fried console inside. Turns out the destroyed console and ruined saplings were her fault and are unrelated to the main mystery. Now return to Dewitt. Before you leave the area for good, speak to the nut hut vendor about spectrum as per the vodka gun quest — she says there are a few bottles around and if you set the quest as active, you can hunt down a couple of bottles.

The door to A2 is locked, inspector j walkthrough inspect it with your amplifier. This reveals a panel where you can find the key. With that, report to Ludovico. Tell him about Dr Blossom, that she knew her killer, that Helen insisted on a tour of RR and DD, that she had a picnic and that data was stolen from the terminal.

Ludovico says to speak to the coroner, and you can ask him about the mascot in your room if you wish.

Look at her terminal and you can read the autopsy report without having to speak, but you can hear it from her too. Speak to the Concierge and ask to go to the VIP floor to talk with him.

At the end of the hall, take a right and open the door here. First analyze the trash can, where you find a message to meet at a similar location to where the mascot told you to. Next inspect the footprints next to the safe — this again points to the Pilothouse. Now go over to the other side of the VIP area. Go into the top room, which belongs to Spencer Woolrich. Tell him, then ask about his whereabouts.

Now leave the hotel. Your two objectives point in completely different directions, but now is a good time to visit the sun parlour in your quest to find why the pool is green.

Inspector j episode 8 walkthrough

Inside the Sun Parlour, which is on the northwest side of the hotel, read the note next to the machines, then look on the blackboard for the pool cleaner recipe. Now go to the marked hotel balcony overlooking the pool and speak to Donovan Matthas. The constabulary is on your left — speak to the bot on the desk. For the footage, you either need to bribe him or have 65 engineering. Fast travel back to the central area, then head towards the wilderness. Defeat the attacking raptidons, then cross the bridge.

Search his body and your objective will update that Woolrich is the most likely culprit in the poisoning. Return to the VIP to speak to him. It was an accident, but he is an ass.

Enter the building and speak to Aileen Roan on the desk. First, grill him about the mysterious assailant from earlier. In the next section of the conversation, he says he was torturing Elliot Nasser on the night of the murder. He says he has yet another mystery of his own to solve — missing SLUG cargo — and that it might be related to your main case. Seeing as you were ambushed in the orchards by someone using a stolen SLUG multi-tool, getting to the bottom of who has access to their equipment might very well work in your favor.

In the toilet, scan the book with your amplifier. Take the bug, then wander off to speak with the foreman.

This will come in handy for perusing the restricted areas you might have seen around the harbor. Now go to the east wall and analyze the Sprat of unusual size.

Not only is the sprat seemingly immune to parasites, but it looks to be bred for cage fighting. Upstairs, talk to Ella Tinsley in the office. Now, as you leave, since you grabbed the ID badge earlier, you can exit through the restricted door on the right. With 45 inspiration, ask Parvati to deal with things — or with lockpick, open the mech yourself. If it starts to attack, say that you have questions and it will stop and tell you what you want to know. The tampered datalog is a command to move one specific shipment — — outside of the shipping yard, along with random shipments at various intervals.

Based on the shipping list from Ella, you know that shipment contained 25 cases of blasting agent and some dark matter chocolate. Return to Sedrick. Tell him that he has a serious security issue, and that the automechs were hacked. Tell him that there was one shipment that was the target, and the rest were random. Next, show him the listening inspector j walkthrough, which Ella told you could have been used to snoop on discussions of where the cargo was being held. Speak to her, and with persuade you can get her to spill the beans — but you can report in after this conversation either way.

Now head back to the pilothouse bridge. On the other side, go to the meteorological control station as directed. Whip out your Amplifier and survey the scene.

Before you go, you can steal his clothes, because why not. He needs you to liaise with Cassidy Mills in the constabulary jail to find his cargo before he can move it. The constabulary is where you went to get the incriminating footage of Spencer Woolrich early, and is up a level, next to the port entrance.