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Scot girl searching kamihime r especially for chat

I have always enjoyed playing video games and am a programming team lead for a video game company. I co-founded Gaming Cypher because I enjoy the gaming community and would like to provide the best news service around.

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What is my age: 21
Where am I from: Russian
Sex: Fem
Color of my hair: Dark-haired
Body type: Slim
Body piercings: None
Smoker: No

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Kamihime project r

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Nutaku adds new characters to steamy kamihime project r

Please contact members on our website. Hundos All medals unlocked Selling kamihime project .

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Fire, light will be strong with some more investments. This is my casual fishing one where I dropped playing the game for two times therefore you can see some event weapons and eidolon Fire Eidolon All Guard Grids and Eidos are complete. M Selling KHP and SF girls -updated with pictures Selling my nutaku to help pay medical expenses- I have a mid game Kamihime and the one of the top overall for SF girls.

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KHP- i have quite a few ssr- enough for a great dark, fireand thunder team. SF girls No old s, need to be fresh max 1week old.

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M No longer want I have a variety of games I played such as, sacred sword princess and others. It's a side I usually just do daily log-in for the free rolls. I don't play it as much as I should.

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Main story up until SR Baal Includes limited Shrine Maiden Nike who is a bit silly. Solid wind main, can do endgame content and be within top without much work, but missing a core hime Solid light main, can do endgame content and be within top if pushed.

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Would be better if got an eido. Water has rudra, but has not been focus. Good himes I still play it actively, so there might be some improvements by the time you contact me.

I've been playing from this every single day for the last 2 years and I will not Hi, I'm moving to Japan so I'm not gonna to play on this anymore. Lvl30 SSR Kamihime, almost end-game tier. Featuring points: 52k Dark party, weapons max skilled as far as I remembered.

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