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Kunoichi Tsubaki is a Role-Playing Videogame.

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Kunoichi Tsubaki [X-rated Ver. In order to punish oppressive warlords, gather intel and investigate the town by day, under the guise of a…. The only people with the strength to resist the warlords, are a special group of women, shrouded in secrecy. In order to punish the oppressive warlords, first investigate the town by day, disguised as a maid. Then, use your ninja skills to sneak into their castle at night, and vanquish the enemy! Below Links are inter-changeable, please verify all the other servers before requesting re.

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Create alert and get notified for new deals. Create alert. Game info. Genres Indie RPG. Tags Indie RPG. About Kunoichi Tsubaki [X-rated Ver. Game description In Japan's Warring States period, demons known as "warlords" run rampant, as they feed on the malice of humanity. The people cower in fear at the warlords' oppression, and impotently accept their subjugation.

But there is one ray of light that strikes through the darkness. The only people with the strength to resist the warlords, are a special group of women, shrouded in secrecy. They are known only as: "Kunoichi" and they, too, are creatures of darkness. Then, use your ninja skills to sneak into their castle at night, and vanquish the enemy!

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Charm your enemies by approaching them in disguise! Enemies are knocked unconscious by sneak attacks, allowing you to avoid combat. While transformed, enemies won't spot you, but you cannot perform sneak attacks. While transformed, your Lust steadily decreases. You cannot move to new areas while transformed. As her Lust rises, Tsubaki's attacks become stronger, but she also takes more damage. When Lust reaches maximum, Tsubaki is in heat. Being in heat has its pros and cons.

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Try to learn how to make the best use of it in each situation. Being in heat can be canceled by using 'Mental Concentration'. If restrained, she will be defenseless against attacks. Use your Ninja ability "Recover Stance" to escape from the enemy's restraint! System requirements.

About kunoichi tsubaki [x-rated ver.]

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