Morocco 01 – Alberto’s Mal d’Afrique, when saudade crosses the ocean

Our dear friend AlbertoPape is about to leave on a trip. Back to Africa and for a second time in Morocco, “a magical, wonderful country of an amazing landscape variety and inhabited by friendly people”, according to his own words. We will follow his journey on a daily basis with the support of reports and photos he’ll be sending us every evening, courtesy of the Internet connection available.

“Is the so-called Mal d’Afrique, as the French call this deep sense of nostalgia for the African continent, somewhat reminiscent of Brazilian saudade, really a thing? … At this point, I’m absolutely certain of it!”.
It’s with these words that AlbertoPape opens the discussion with which, in the Netbikers Forum, he announces his imminent departure for Morocco. It’s going to be his fourth time in Africa.

He’ll go there with two other Italian friends, Fabio and Nunzio, who he met last year in Tunisia, and with whom he recently rode around a lot.

“Every time we met, we just couldn’t avoid talking about Africa”. That was until Fabio found a travel package that was just too good. Flight Bergamo-Marrakech and motorbike rental on site. All for a truly convenient price.

In his post Alberto informs us about the preparation of his return to Morocco, with a rough outline of the chosen itinerary. That is to say, departure from Marrakech and then… who knows! You just live in the moment. But there is still one certainty: the Zagora-Merzuga stage, from the golden age when Dakar was the final stage of a mythical race.

We reached an agreement with Alberto, courtesy of the Internet connection available to him: every evening he’ll be sending us a daily report, with the best pictures taken by him.

We wish a marvelous journey to Alberto, Fabio and Nunzio!

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