Christmas is around the corner? Here 20 gift ideas for Motorcyclists!

Drop the pen or close that document you are working on. It’s time to talk about Christmas gifts! Regardless if you need to make them or if you are on the receiving end, here you will find a selection of the most fun and original ideas for motorcycling and motorcyclists.
Just to avoid receiving the usual scarf, pair of gloves, or jumper knitted by granny, you know…


“What can I get you for Christmas?”

This is to me one of the most annoying questions I can have in this pre-Christmas period. Following suit is the one I ask myself “which present can I buy for him/her?”
Especially for Secret Santa!

For those who have a gift anxiety, but also for those who are simply looking for something nice and useful for themselves, we thought of this roundup of objects for motorcyclists. Unusual, because specialized stores have helmets, gloves, rainproof, intercoms… But that’s obvious stuff. At the contrary, we looked for something different, something that slaps a smile on your face when unwrapped. So here’s our list of gifts we’d like to receive!



Let’s start with some nice objects: the *Wrench* Salad Servers. They are 28 centimetres long and made of wood. They don’t go in the dishwasher, nor in the toolbox. You can buy them at Louis Moto, for £7.12





Do you want to think about your motorbike even when you are opening a bottle? Here is the “Twistgrip” bottle opener. To open a beer you need to rotate your wrist as you would do for a wheelie. Now on offer at £13.36

If you prefer chain and sprocket, you can opt out for this here below. It’s also cheaper at £3.56


If the above is not your cup of tea, this will definitely be!
Made of ceramic, it resists both dishwashers and microwaves. And it has a monster capacity of 800 ml. Priced at £4.45.
And with the same theme, you can also find the soap dispenser, to keep in the bathroom. At £8.91.


And since we’ve arrived at personal hygiene, if you’re a fan of Italian bikes you’ll appreciate Ducati by Imetec hair clippers and beard trimmers, which you can find in various models and prices on the dedicated website.



If you have a baby at home, and if you are a real Ducati enthusiast, maybe you will not be able to ride as much as you wish, but you can always give an imprint to your children – if your partner allows – with this sleepsuit for £39.




Let’s go back to household objects, with these clothes hangers and helmets for motorcyclists. There is a version for singles, at £15.15 and one for couples at £26.74. They hung on the wall, and you can put on your jackets and helmets. The one for the couple also has a shelf for gloves


Another product for the home, the doormat “Bikers welcome”, on sale at £6.23


Let’s jump to the garage, the right place for a Castrol vintage can. It contains 237 ml of liquid, has a practical nozzle for pouring into the cap of the lubricant and costs £8.91



With smartphones running out of juice in the middle of the day, most people nowadays have a powerbank.
What most people DON’T have is one that double-down as bike battery booster, and that can power also a laptop.
This is particularly powerful, and with its 12,000 mAh can charge our phone several times, delivering the classic 5 V current. But it can also power our laptop at 19 V. Or it can supply 12V power, with a boost up to 400 A, enough to start the engine of our bike if the battery decides to give up. And during the night, it’s also an LED torch. You can buy it for £80.23



Since we are in the garage, for all motorcyclists it is important to keep an eye on tyres pressure. We know that service pump pressure gauges are often inaccurate, so here’s the pocket digital gauge. We can use it at home before we leave, or to carry it with us, to check the pressure at the gas station, after inflating the tyres. On sale at £13.36


The most forgetful ones can opt for the pair of pressure sensors to be mounted on the body of the valve. They have a red light, to warn when the tire falls below a certain minimum pressure. At £7.12


To inflate the tires with valves difficult to reach, because perhaps the brake discs are too large and you do not know how to reach the valve, there is this practical angular adapter, which you can screw on top of the valve. Only at the time of inflation, of course! It costs £6.23


If you prefer to adopt something permanent, here are the colourful Puig angular valves. To install them you need to remove the tyre. Cost is £22.28


If you are really super precise and want to keep under control pressure and temperature of your tyres all the time, the Tyre Boy is a monitoring system with sensors and a display to be mounted on the handlebar, or in the windscreen. It costs £106.97 and allows you to keep your tyres under control at all times.



Does your bike only have only a side stand, which makes difficult for you to oil the chain? We found two solutions. The first is an extendable arm that points under the right side of the swingarm and can lift the rear wheel a couple of centimetres. Just the right clearance to make it spin free. The second, even easier to use, is a two rollers system: you get on it with the bike, pull the stand and put a safety elastic on the front brake lever. And you are ready to turn the wheel. They cost £26.74 and £35.65 respectively.



If you need to move your bike inside the garage, this small platform with wheels for the centre stand can be useful to you. It costs £106.94 and allows you to push your bike sideways easily and make room for the car.


Do you live in the countryside? You don’t have a garage for the bike, but don’t you lack the space to park it outside? Then you can think of the Acebikes folding garage. It works like a tent, is made of water-repellent textile and has a ventilation window to prevent the formation of condensation inside. Resistant to ultraviolet rays, it is available in two sizes. It is anchored to the ground by some screws and costs £204.15.



And to close, two useful objects to go on a motorcycle. The first is the Acerbis stabilizing collar, to be worn over the jacket to prevent extreme twisting of the neck in the event of a crash. Priced at £33.41


The second, for those who go on the track, is the slider Skull. It costs 33.90 euros, and after attaching it to your suit you will be sorry to rub your knee on the ground in a curve. But, at least for the first laps, it will give you look like a badass.



Please Note:
All prices were accurate at the time of publishing. Some articles are under limited time offer, and RRP prices were in some cases significantly higher so…
Check the price at checkout as they may vary. We cannot take responsibility if at the time you place an order you will find a different quote.


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