Eicma’s 2018 best colours

Let’s appreciate, through Stinger’s camera, the great sights and the attention to details we experienced during a week spent hanging around among the stands of the world-renowned Milan motorbike exhibition.


We go back to Eicma 2018 the day after its conclusion, the great show all about two-wheeled vehicles that last week garnered the attention of the motorcycle world to the city of Milan. We’re doing this because there’s still a little something to talk about: a side of Eicma hidden far from the distracted eye of those who visited it in a hurry, just to see as much as they could, maybe on a busy day.

It’s a side of Eicma about small, hidden details, like the way the light illuminates parts of the motorcycles, the small corners of the surfaces that stand out. And the well-finished details, those that leave you speechless when looking at them

It’s also the most beautiful side of Eicma, too often neglected even by those who live it as a job. Because we need to leave room for the motorcycles, and then there’s news on top of news. And we must do it as fast as possible, even forgetting to take a proper look at the bikes as well. Which are outstandingly beautiful, since many people have worked so hard on them before heading to the big show.

Here then is this roundup of photos, with the most beautiful colours of Eicma, intended as the details that our Giangi (Stinger) caught walking with the camera between the stands during our week at the event.

The bright green of the new Benelli 752 S, a sparkling naked that speaks volumes about the growth of the Italian-Chinese house


The matt black of the Leoncino 800, kind of an understatement for a bike that doesn’t go for sure unnoticed


Would you like an apple? The colours of nature can be found in this nice marketing idea. The apples were washed and ready for a bite


Racing grey, very short tail and truncated exhaust pipes, for this MV Agusta Turismo Veloce VS. But what about the USB on the exhaust pipes? Really?


Black, metallic grey and red evenly distributed in various places. It’s still the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce VS


The colour of speed, caught with an optical effect on the word Superveloce


The red of the MV Agusta Superveloce body, with the small spoiler on top of the fairing, and the yellow of the small light and the plexiglass. Most interestingly, the frame of the aluminium light is secured by three screws


In the midst of so many angular lines, this Indian is even reassuring, bringing us back to the times where everything was roundish. Round tubes well visible for the frame and for the exhaust manifolds. And the fake tank is round and without edges as well



Pastel colours and craftsmanship finish for this latest example of contamination of Eicma in the city of Milan. This Zero bike was on a street in the city centre


The colours of the Zero, on a rainy evening in Milan. Style and rationality, accessible to all passers-by


The grey and blue (electric!) of the Vespa Elettrica, with a reference to the rationality and cleanliness of the alternative propulsion, for an evergreen scooter that since 1946 has launched itself into yet another leap in time


The yellow and black of Bolid-e by Energica and Samsung, an exalted minimalist line, with the uncovered engine and the very short tail, which highlights the bare rear wheel


The familiar colours of the Samsung A8 screens, instead of the rear-view mirrors, with features such as vehicle recognition and alert for possible dangers. But the Bolid-e has much more, under the banner of full integration between smartphones, motorcycles and riders. The future is here!


When you are starting a new project, you must dare to invent. So here is the rear camera that simulates the exhaust pipe, set in the round optical group


The cheerful colours of the charging station and the batteries of KIMCO’s global iONEX project, which is expanding. A network of rechargeable and easily replaceable batteries for electric vehicles


Red, grey, blue, blue and yellow. Rainbow’s colours are on the SuperNEX, the electric dream of Kymco, a supersportive with breath-taking performance, which today is more a concept than a motorcycle ready for production. But it reaffirms the belief in the electric choice of the Taiwanese house




Looks like three wheels is the future. And even Kymco seems to think about it. Next to the electric vehicles, here we can then find this concept, which seems to be based on the sporting use of the front wheel, with those beautiful four rods with red sheaths in sight


The havana and the opaque black of the Arc Vehicle Vector, an English electric bike that immediately declares its uniqueness with its cycling and design


And there’s also the orange of the Harley Davidson LiveWire, also presented in black. The turning point for HD, which after a century of large-displacement two-cylinder engines, comes first among the big houses on electric motorcycles. We’ll see it in the spring


The British Racing green, the havana and the black of the Royal Enfield KX concept. Inspired by KX produced in the 30’s, it is a modern reinterpretation of a classic from the past. A very original bike, but we will probably never see it on the road



The electric blue of the Polizia Stradale, which on an occasion like Eicma couldn’t be missing with a touch of sportiness in the bike


The official Honda colours, for this CB1000R Special Glemseck 101, driven by none other than Mick Doohan


The Ohlins yellow ochre, on a pressurized fork. A technical component of very high quality, with a finish that could easily make even a design object


The red of the dress and the amber shade of the girl’s skin tone. This time we had a hard time keeping our eyes on the bike


Aprilia 660 chassis and engine, a totally new design for a medium-powered sports bike that creates a new segment in the motorcycle scene. The engine is derived from the V4 of the RSV, but has only two cylinders



It looks like the RSV4, but it’s actually the new twin-cylinder RS 660, a sport bike that focuses on lightness. For now, however, it is just a concept, even though it will soon find a productive outlet


Thin and light, the RS 660 could introduce a new concept of mid-sized super sports bike



It’s called Varez this naked super sporty SWM 300. Since there are many young people who from the 125 are ready to rise in displacement, it looks like it could be the basis for a specific bike to enter the Supersport 300 World Championship


The many colours of historical motorcycles. Bikes have always been beautiful, and glancing at the past gives strong emotions to those who are no longer young


This one is called XQooder, it has four wheels and it’s a concept proposed by the Swiss Quadro. It promises to be an off-road alternative to the classic quad, with respect to which it would allow to bend in the corners


The green and black shades of the Lambretta. An iconic scooter, now presented in a decidedly more sporting spirit


You see the green and you automatically think of Kawasaki, which with its dark shade of green runs and wins in many championships, starting from the Superbike


The grey of the mechanics, the black of the suspensions, the blue of the browning of the exhaust manifolds. In other words, all the fascination of the motorcycle technology of the Kawasaki ZX10R in a single picture


The electric blue of the Suzuki competition, compared with the blue and black of Ryuyo, whose first model was delivered right at the fair


A performance with the traditional Japanese sword during the presentation of Suzuki Katana


Here we see a shade of black with a touch of grey and red, almost to dampen the generous and overbearing shapes of the Monster 821. But the exhaust manifolds and the fork don’t stand out


Drawing aggressive lights today is easier than ever, thanks to the daytime LEDs that now characterize most of the bikes. Is it enough to be seen with this intense white, in contrast with the red of the Hypermotard body?


The girl’s black dress on the red of the Panigale V4R, embellished with a satin tank




The headlight of the Ducati Panigale V4R is a concentrate of charming aggressiveness put on the road


The nasty eye (or aggressive jaw?) of the S1000RR, here in one of the characteristic BMW Motorsport colours


Metallic blue, black and grey, for the BMW GS 1250. Sports class for this timeless best seller


The intense white of the daytime LED of the Moto Guzzi V85 TT, which incorporates the characteristic shape of the Mandello eagle


Can you make a modern bike around the Moto Guzzi V engine? Of course you can, and here is the V85 TT, the ideal link between small and large Moto Guzzi. The crossover middle way that was missing


Blue, grey and black. Like they wanted to minimize an important project like the Ténéré 700, a bike on which Yamaha truly believes, since it is the heir of the highly appreciated XT that many years ago invented the strand of road enduro, when “the Dakar” was a phenomenon media



Look who’s back! The Italjet Dragster is back, with its white shield and highlighted red frame. This time it has a 4-stroke engine in the 125 and 200 cc, but always with its very sporty and original design. And with the peculiarity of the single-arm front suspension, without a fork



White, orange, a pinch of chrome and a touch of red are used to paint these Alpina spoked rims


How is a helmet born? At Suomy there was a series of prototypes and helmets under construction, to make us understand the various steps which need to be taken to get to the finished product. Design, first prototype, prototype for the wind tunnel and prototype for road tests


Our small trip continues, with the cap showed before cutting the excess parts, with the finally “cut” cap. There is also a sectioned helmet, to see the various internal components. And the finished product, the flagship project not yet on the market, the new Dovisio’s SR-GP helmet


The bright colours of the helmets, since riding is a joy of life and these shades tell this story the best way


Not just the colours, but also the drawings of the helmets play a role in telling our love story with two-wheeled vehicles



The black of the shirts and an exuberant spirit: these three guys stopped us asking for a picture, and we took the opportunity to take another one with our phone!


The colour of the crowd. There were so many of us bikers around the Eicma halls, and it was like that for the whole week. An outstanding experience where motorbikes were everywhere, at any time: and we enjoyed all of this together!


Eicmaland, the first closing party of the Eicma in a disco. Saturday night at the Alcatraz in Milan we were all there. Also the president of the ANCMA and Eicma, Andrea Dell’Orto, here pictured as he recaps the fair week


A very sporty Stinger tackles the curve on the Honda Monkey. The small Honda was very popular for pictures


A Mastic in executive version, with a notepad on the tank and a head telephone: the comfort of the Benelli TNT


The blue and yellow of NetBikers, which in Eicma was once again present in media partnership with friends of InMoto. So many of you have come to see us. Thanks for your warmth, and see you in Verona!
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