Eicma’s photo album

Assign a fictitiously generic task to a young photographer passionate about motorcycles: make the photos you like to do, a glance, one that captures you and that is a different from usual
Photos by Andrea Lorenzina


The one given to our friend photographer – who came to visit us at the fair – seemed an easy task but I think that we gave a headache to Andrea Lorenzina, 27 years old, from Domodossola. Especially because we met him on Sunday morning, and not on a press day. Then he worked hitting the ground running, in the crowd.

The result from our point of view is most welcome. A photo album of the Eicma that unfolds well. There are 50 photos, sit down and enjoy them.

Andrea Lorenzina comes from a family where there have always been several cameras. A passionate father and a professional photographer brother. Therefore, despite a degree in sports science, our friend is pursuing the dream of photographing in the motor industry. Moreover, in the circuits of motorcycle racing – where he says that there is a more direct contact with the rider – rather than in cars.

He introduced himself to us with a portfolio of photos of the WTCC Championship that impressed us with his imagination behind the lens, with the ability to manage the camera and capture the moment. You can find it on its page: Andrealorenzina. com.

He took several courses and masters of professional photography, but he started like every enthusiast: one day he went to Fiorano, the Ferrari track, climbed on the net, and began to photograph. His photos were noticed, he started collaborating with a magazine, had the pass, and followed the cars.

You can write to him at his address: info@andrealorenzina.com


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