Kymiring: Finland invests in its own racetrack

The Finnish government has understood the sporting, cultural and economic importance of having a first level track, and has financed the construction of the Kymiring facility, which from 2019 will host the MotoGP World Championship.


Older Motorcycling fans will probably remember when the World Championship was run in Finland on the road circuit of Imatra, with a level crossing to jump over while wheeling. The Scandinavian nation then left Grand Prixs when street circuits went out of fashion.

Forty years later Finland is preparing to host MotoGP once again. This will happen from 2019 on the Kymiring track under construction near the town of Kouvola, circa 110 kilometres north-east of Helsinki.

The construction of the facility encompasses an extensive sports centre with a congress area and a safety driving school. Works are partially funded by the Finnish Government. The local Ministry of Education and Culture has approved an additional grant of € 3.5 million for the KymiRing project. This is in addition to a previous financing of € 3 million. In total, therefore, the Government contributed € 6.5 million to this project, which also benefited from a further € 10 million in funding from private investors.

Needless to say, the Kymiring project is supposed to be a touristic and economic driving force that will not only reward its shareholders; these are AKK Sports Oy (owned by the Finnish Motorsport Federation), SML (owned by the Finnish Motorcycling Federation), the real estate company A. Ahlström Kiinteistöt Oy and the local municipality of Iitti.

Wolfgang Srb, President of FIM Europe, has already visited the facility under construction: “I know how hard the Finnish Federation has worked to make the dream come true. KymiRing will be the top circuit in Scandinavia, with the opportunity of national and other international competition beside MotoGP“.

The Kymiring will measure 4.6 km, the spin will be clockwise, will have a minimum width of 12 meters (15 at the finish line) and 18 curves, with a total difference in elevation of 18 meters and a maximum slope of 7.64%.

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