Motorcycle manufacturers’ portals with workshop manuals

In the jargon, they are called RMI portals. They have all the motorcycle manufacturers and are Internet sites through which it is possible to consult workshop manuals, electrical diagrams, processing times, spare parts catalogues.


RMI, such as “Repair and Maintenance Information”. Nowadays they are available for online consultation at relatively low prices, which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Credit for making this happen goes to the European Union, that with Regulation 168/2013 required motorcycle manufacturers to make widely available certain information, traditionally reserved for authorised workshops. And the EU has also specified which independent business can connect to these databases. This includes repair shops not officially authorised, but also manufacturers or distributors of vehicle repair equipment, tools or spare parts, publishing companies of technical manuals, automobile clubs, roadside assistance operators, engineers that inspect and test vehicles, companies providing training for installers, manufacturers and repairers of equipment for alternative fuel vehicles.

Therefore, RMI portals do not necessarily need to be open and accessible for private individuals. And there are several companies that, among the conditions for the registration and consultation of information published on their website, make it compulsory to enter the data of a professional activity in the automotive sector. Not all, however. There is no shortage of portals open to private individuals as well.
We believe this is positive, because these pieces of information are of vital importance, also for the enthusiast who loves to take care of the maintenance of his bike. RMI portals offer electrical diagrams, disassembly and reassembly procedures, tightening torques, and key engineering data about engines.

Consultation costs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Honda, for example, requires € 10 for one hour access, that becomes € 20 for a day and € 660 for a year. Suzuki asks € 5 for 60 minutes on the site, and Yamaha € 3. But if a year of access with Suzuki costs € 396, Yamaha goes up to € 1800.
Remember, however, that we always talk about consultation. Information remains the property of the manufacturer, which only makes it available for the period of time purchased, but does not allow for downloading.
Below are links to the sites of some of the main manufacturers.




























Piaggio Group Portal covers also the following brands







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