On a racetrack with a Scooter

What would happen if I were to ride the scooter on a track? I had been asking myself this question for a long time. So one day, whilst leading a driving course, in addition to my sport Bike I loaded in the van the Honda Silver Wing 600 that I used – and still use – daily. An exploited vehicle, which already had more than 70.000 miles on the clock when I took it among the kerbs.

This is how this video was born, shot at Isam track of Anagni (Italy) a few years ago. Out of my curiosity and desire to play and have a little bit of fun. The rest was done by the black box mounted on the scooter, equipped with a front and back facing camera system that continuously records all the stages of the journey.

Isam is a short and very technical track. It is actually possible to have fun with the scooter, at least as long as you are happy to keep a cheerful pace and nothing more than that.
However, If you want to push harder, you have to negotiate with the shortcomings of a vehicle that is antithetical to use on the track and, indeed, completely in road configuration. In some passages, you can hear the side stand scratching on the asphalt, while in others suspensions run out of ideas quickly. Nevertheless, I had fun!

The camcorders used are not high-resolution cameras: you don’t need high image quality for insurance purposes. So, take it for what it is: something made out of curiosity, and nothing more.

Are you ready? Jump on board, I take you on a tour.


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