Recalls December 2018: : Honda X-ADV, Kawasaki H2SX, Peugeot Metropolis 3 wheels (14-12-2018)

All manufacturers must periodically recall some of their vehicles for defects discovered after marketing.
In these cases, the procedure requires them to contact (usually by letter) all the owners of the vehicles concerned, inviting them to go to a dealer for a check. In particularly serious cases, when the vehicle has changed ownership and the details of the new owner do not even appear in the database of the service network, some houses make searches on the plates of the vehicles for which they can not trace the owner. But it depends on the seriousness of the risk: such long and expensive procedures are put in place for potentially very risky problems, not for small defects for which the owner of the vehicle may voluntarily turn to the official service network.
For this reason, whoever does not receive the mail or has purchased a second-hand motorcycle, if he has the doubt that his vehicle may be subject to recall, can contact the customer relations office of the manufacturer to ask for information, providing the chassis number of the motorcycle owned.

NetBikers provides you with an updated list of calls made by manufacturers and reported through the appropriate site managed by the European Commission (Rapex). At a national level, the recall campaigns are also listed by the Government website at this address .

To find all the reports published on Netbikers, you can use the keyword recalls in our internal search engine.


Reference number of the notification: A12/1870/18
Model: X-ADV 750
Type: e4168/20130006000, e4168/20130006001, e4168/201300074*00; Model year: 2017 – 2018
Production period: from 26/01/2017 to 04/10/2018
Defect: When the motorcycle is coninuously ridden at low speed, the heat generated affects the PPTC (polymer positive temperature coefficient) device of the ECU and the motor cycle may enter into fail safe mode.
This makes it impossible to shift gear and the driving force may be lost and it will not be possible to continue riding.
Countries concerned: Portugal (the country that reported the problem), Estonia, Germany, Netherlands
For further information:


Reference number of the notification: A12/1787/18
Model: Ninja H2 SX
Type: ZXT02A – e4168/201300073*00
Production period: 2018 model
Defect: The main stand may flip open during travel because of an error in the safeguard mechanism manufacturing process.
This could lead to an increased risk of accidents.
Countries concerned: Germany (the country that reported the problem), Sweden, Netherlands
For further information: Contact Kawasaki UK


Reference number of the notification: A12/1810/18
Model: Metropolis 12” (three wheels)
Type: e22002/240056 ed e2168/20130004
Production period: from 2013
Defect: Due to an underperforming seal in the front brake circuit, the brake fluid may leak. This could result in a reduction or complete loss of the brake’s efficiency, which could lead to accidents.
Countries concerned: France (the country that reported the problem)
For further information: Contact the official UK importer

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