Recalls October/November 2018 from multiple motorcycle manufacturers (updated 23-11-2018)

Harley Davidson has launched a worldwide recall for a problem with clutch hydraulics. Then there’s Aprilia, Ducati, Gasgas and Suzuki.

All manufacturers must periodically recall some of their vehicles for defects discovered after marketing.
In these cases, the procedure requires them to contact (usually by letter) all the owners of the vehicles concerned, inviting them to go to a dealer for a check. In particularly serious cases, when the vehicle has changed ownership and the details of the new owner do not even appear in the database of the service network, some houses make searches on the plates of the vehicles for which they can not trace the owner. But it depends on the seriousness of the risk: such long and expensive procedures are put in place for potentially very risky problems, not for small defects for which the owner of the vehicle may voluntarily turn to the official service network.
For this reason, whoever does not receive the mail or has purchased a second-hand motorcycle, if he has the doubt that his vehicle may be subject to recall, can contact the customer relations office of the manufacturer to ask for information, providing the chassis number of the motorcycle owned.

NetBikers provides you with an updated list of calls made by manufacturers and reported through the appropriate site managed by the European Commission (Rapex). At a national level, the recall campaigns are also listed by the Government website at this address .

To find all the reports published on Netbikers, you can use the keyword recalls in our internal search engine.

Harley Davidson

Reference number of the notification: A12/1741/18
Model: Softail, Touring, Trike, CVO & Police
Type: E4 * 168/2013 * 00016 * 01 – e4 * 168/2013 * 00016 * 02 – e4 * 2002/24 * 0002 * 33; types: FS2 & FL3
Production period: years 2017-2018
Defect: A loss in the hydraulic circuit of the clutch can lead to the inability to disengage the transmission of power to the wheel, with a possible loss of control of the vehicle
Countries concerned: This is a worldwide attraction involving 283,300 motorcycles
For further information:



Reference number of the notification: A12/1754/18
Model: RSV4 1000 RR – RSV4 1000 RF – TYPE V4 1100 RR – TYPE V4 1100 FACTORY
Type: Spare parts codes affected by the recall 2B002023: from 5CXX to 5MXX – from 6AXX to 6MXX – from 7AXX to 7JXX, Code 2B002995: from 6GXX to 6MXX – from 7AXX to 7JXX , Code B044584: from 5EXX to 5MXX – from 6AXX to 6DXX
Production period:
Defect: There is a manufacturing defect on the piston that forms part of the front brake master cylinder. This could affect the hydraulic circuit, which may increase the motorcycle’s stopping distance.
Countries concerned: Italy (the country that reported the problem), Slovak Republic
For info: “Aprilia Customer Service“.



Reference number of the notification: A12/1755/18
Model: Panigale 1299 FE Panigale V4, Panigale 959 HYM939
Type: M.Y. 2018
Production period:
Defect: On specific vehicles, the friction material on the rear brake pads may detach from the backing plate. As a consequence, the rear brake could become less effective.
Countries concerned: Italy (the country that reported the problem), Poland
For info: Page dedicated to the references of the Ducati website



Reference number of the notification: A12/1686/18
Model: EC/XC 250/300
Production period: May 2017 to May 2018
Defectiveness: Incorrect sizing of the front wheel axle, which can break, causing any accidents
Countries concerned: Spain (the country that reported the problem), Netherlands
For further information:



Reference number of the notification: A12/1727/18
Model: DL650A, GSX-S750, GSX-R1000
Type: DL650A/XA L7-L8, GSX-R1000/A/R L7-L8, GSX-S750/Z/A/AZ L7-L8, Type approval numbers: e4*168/2013*00035*00, e4*168/2013*00035*01, e4*168/2013*00037*00, e4*168/2013*00037*01, e4*168/2013*00052*00, e4*168/2013*00052*01, e4*168/2013*00052*02, e4*168/2013*00052*03
Production period: years 2017-2018 (L7-L8)
Defect: Due to incorrect sealing of the fuel pump fitting on the fuel tank, the O-ring of the pump may be twisted, resulting in possible fuel leakage.
Countries concerned: Poland (the country that reported the problem), Finland, Germany, Netherlands
For further information:


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