Trolley-BIKE: a new solution for motorcycle touring

Do you often travel by motorcycle and find traditional suitcases uncomfortable to carry with you, perhaps on more trips, when you get off? Consider the possibility of buying this pair of lightweight carbon cases that turn into a trolley upon arrival

Igor Pasqual and his Trolley-BIKE

Their name is Trolley-BIKE and they are an innovative pair of side luggage for motorcycles touring. The novelty is the integrated system, that transforms them into a comfortable trolley to take to the hotel, once they reach their destination. Simply stack them up, pull them out and lock the handle, and there’s only one hand to carry with you, keeping your other hand free for your helmet, jacket or other loose items.

The construction material is also special: carbon fibre, which makes them extremely light. Trolley-BIKE weigh less than 3 kg each, compared to an average of 6 kg for aluminium panniers. So a weight saving of 50%, which still allows a payload of 10 kg per suitcase, on a volume of 40 litres. And if someone wants them even more resistant, there is an Adventure version entirely in Kevlar, recognizable also for the characteristic yellowish and black colour.

Design and engineering of the Trolley-BIKE are by Igor Pasqual, a motorcycle touring rider, former Ducati engineer and former sport-production rider from the 1990s. Igor recently visited Scandinavia and Iceland with his BMW GS 1200, and during the latter trip, he thought of a system to make luggage transport more comfortable and efficient.

Hence the idea and the collaboration with FIBRA-Italia Srl, which produces and sells the Trolley-BIKE system.


Technical data of the Trolley-BIKE:
Length: 455 mm
Width: 240 mm
Height: 408 mm
Capacity: 40 Lt (each suitcase)
Weight: < 2.8 Kg (each suitcase)
Width installed on vehicle: depending on model approx. 1000 mm
Support frame: stainless steel
Water and dust proof
Price: 1620 euro + VAT (including the dedicated frame for mounting on the bike)


Available for:
BMW R1200GS LC and ADV MY > 13
KTM 1090, 1190, 1290 MY > 13
The coordinated rear top box will also be available by spring 2018.

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