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It le to Rustboro City.

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If you ly had a 2FA set up, it has been deleted. You should delete your code generator and re-enable it with a new one via your user preferences. Nestled in the mountains between Routes andMeteor Falls is said to have been the site of a meteor shower in the distant past. The cavern's rushing rapids prevent novice Trainers from fully exploring the area, as doing so requires certain field moves. Soon after they notice you, the leader of the opposing Team Aqua enters, flanked by two of his subordinates.

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Have you been selling Stardust and the like or hoarding them for no reason? When you arrive, approach the big waterfall. Use Waterfall to get up that bad boy, then go east and land on the small chunk of land there.

Use the Dowsing Machine to find the Stardust hidden there, then go northwest and through the archway. Defeat the Battle Girl running around to the southwest, then go west and north to battle the Dragon Tamer, then ascend the ladder further north. Battle the couple to the east, then go up the steppes to the north. Descend the ledges further to the east, hanging along the west side.

Meteor falls

Turn on your Dowsing Machine as you go down, too; as you do, look carefully when the small stalagmites begin to pop up. A sparkly area should be nearby, ifying some Aerodactylite.

Examine the same spot once more to find a hidden Super Repel. Go down another ledge or two, then southwest and down the ladder. Go through the doorway here to the entrance area where you can find a PP Max. Return to the area and go to its north-central portion.

Head to the northwest part of this area and you can use the Dowsing Machine to locate a Star Piece ; from there, go east and through the archway. Relive your adventures in Hoenn or start a brand new journey with this re-imagining of a much-loved game.

Collect and battle your way to the Pokemon League for the right to challenge the Elite Four. Hunt legendary Pokemon, breed them and become the best Pokemon Master you can be with the help of our guide! Subscribe to Premium to Remove .

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A full walkthrough for all badges and the Pokemon League challenges. Side quest information on legendary Pokemon and the different Routes and Caves. Information on breeding, Pokemon Contests, the Battle Maison and much more! Full-color screenshots throughout and useful tips to help you along the way.

Comparisons between the original game and remake. Fixed some formatting issues and general editing.

Expanded Introduction with lo of new information. Restructured Extra Activities section at the end for easier and reading. Log in Up.