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Mothers and sons tumblr baby hunt for guy to love

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Must be a Sunday sleeping in with my beautiful Mommy. She knows her baby boy is going to wake her up for that early Sunday morning special of drowsy lovemaking, taking it from all angles…. The perks of having your Mommy as your lover… As the only man to satisfy her cravings….

How old am I: I am 27
Color of my hair: Scraggly hair
My figure type: My figure type is slender
My favourite drink: Lager

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We field this question about a hundred times a week.

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There is no magic formula or pickup line or whatever. Sorry to burst your bubble about this, but in our experience this is the brutal truth. Bear in mind, though, that this is only our experience, which is all we can speak to with any degree of authority. That being said, you can dispose yourself for that result IF she is so inclined. Mothers, if you are out there and feeling you could be with your sons, make that move. We do not know how to make that move, but we want to desperately.

My baby will frankly tell anybody that cares to ask that he is sure he never would have been able to do it. Nothing could be further from the truth!

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Just like his fuckin cock lol. With all that that entails. Just like the sunrise or the rain falling, perfectly, wonderfully natural! But the key is: once the son knows. Which means the onus is on the mother to find a way or ways to convey that information to him.

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Note that this is no guarantee of automatic success, either! But it is NOT reality.

Mom and son

There is risk. Just like there is risk in trying to start any relationship you have had or want to have.

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With anybody. Full stop. Mothersif you are out there and feeling you could be with your sons, make that move. We do not know how to make that movebut we want to desperately. It really does. Figure it out, let him know, make your move. It will go a long way to putting you in her good graces, trust me.

Just tell her, naturally. Tell her you love her. Tell her that often without being awkwardly inappropriate or forcing about it. Women very much enjoy hearing how much they are loved. Share that with her. And women love it when men are truthful with them, even their sons. That being said, you certainly can kiss her at times it is perfectly appropriate to do so.

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Do it gently. On the cheek. You can leave it there just a fraction longer than usual.

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I mean a fraction. Not a fucking porn film, right?

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Real life. Let it linger just a tad. Smile at her. Share how good she is to you.


Hugs at times it is perfectly appropriate to do so …fantastic! Squeeze her just a bitlet it last just a bit. I mean a fraction longer than usual. NOT porn: this is real life. Be very patient. There is no rush. Not your hands on her fucking ass or some porn shit: just let your hip brush her, or a shoulder maybe, as you keep walking past. Work on your body. It is quite likely they are a bit older, perhaps a bit paunchy or worse, maybe not as vigorous or active as they once were, maybe not paying her the sexual attention they once were.

This all accrues to your benefit. If you have a gym or can access one, just hit it a couple times a week. Go as far as you like, or on any inclined surface you like. Try eating a little bit better, nothing radical.

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Or taking three-quarters of your dinner to eat instead of what you normally do. Drink water rather than soda. Most importantly, your mom will too. And maybe that will make her think of you just that little bit differently, too. And a nice-looking man, at that. The rest will take care of itself if she is interested. How about movie night? Try to sit near her if you can. Next to her on the sofa is best, but nearby works just fine.

Hopefully the lights are off, or you can ask to turn them off. And movies can set the mood: action flicks might get the blood going, comedies might make you laugh laughter can be very sexyromantic scenes might get romantic feelings to the surface hopefully without the scene being too explicit that may well turn her off or make her feel awkward in front of you.

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Movies are good like that. Little tiny naturalgentle touches like brushing up against her shoulder or your leg touching hers add to the intimate atmosphere. Just be natural, be patient, be gentle. There are no guaranteesfrom either side, in this type of relationship, or any other, or anywhere in life, really. You need to come to grips with that, there is no God damn magic formula. Only you know the truth, that you are hoping it will bloom into something more. If she is so inclinedyou will be just fine. We hope you found at least one thing to take away from it, be you a mom, a son, or anyone that has any questions about this kind of relationship.

Reblogged this before but doing it again because it is just so damn true. All for the better of course. And always treat your mother with love and respect. If you can worship your mother like a goddess in the bedroom then do it outside the bedroom.

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Take care of chores and housework for her, tell her how beautiful she looks. Trying to message some of you. After that date I asked him into my bedroom.

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He never left. We became lovers and been sharing a bedroom ever since.

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Eventually we got married and I became his wife. I defy anyone who thinks I am any lesser of a mother or lesser of a wife because I married my biological son.

Mom son tumblr

That was the best decision I ever made. Happy New Year. Mothers and sons repost this with your first names and how long together. Letting people know is a freeing feeling. I will start. My hope is this list fills up and if anything good can from is at more mothers and sons enhanced their love.

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Please add your name and be proud. So here it is…. One night I got home from a night out with my girlfriends. I came home at around midnight and wanted to check in on him.