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Pussymon: episode 08

Pussymon: Episode 17 and all episodes The place to post Flash-based creative projects. Forum rules This forum is for posting and collaborating upon third party Flash work. Please do not post request-thre, and avoid posting artwork that is not your own unless it is being used as a reference. Topic locked.

Was wondering about this since elements were introduced two episodes back I really like the story. Looking forward to the next episode. I am thinking about throwing you a couple of bucks on patreon. I was hoping for some bull action, but could not find any First you spell it as don't, second grammatically it should be "You didn't catch this Pussymon yet" I am commenting on this error because it has been in the game from episode 1 and it is driving me bonckers.

Is that a bug or it meant to work like this?

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Is there any benefit of buying the evolve stone? Training 2 weak pussymon again is less interesting.

I have to fight with enemies that I've fought so many time. Given he seems to lust after pretty much every female Love the Easter eggs, if the two are related! If the second one has nothing to do with the first, I haven't found it yet!

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Spartacus Wrote: I like the new elemental aspect. Wasn't much of a pokemon type myself, but so far I can't complain. Not to mention, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that each version is not only an improvement from the last, but is a continuation of an obviously larger story, complete with a new list of pussymon I think there was maybe two or three reused, but the rest are unique to their respected episodes. This is how I had hoped Breeding Season would've been like, but that's a different discussion all together. Anyways, once again, I leave with a thank you and a bow.

Peace out. The animation is fluid, the fighting stuff does seem repetitive but that's like any other Pokemon game out there.

Only complaint I have is the lack of busty Pussymon. Also will there be a longer version in the future? I hope no one has been waiting for EP9 this long without realizing it's been out for a while by now. Zio-san Wrote: sacredferro Wrote: You know, I just noticed something: the thread title was never updated to reflect that EP 9 v.

As far as why he was able to block the shot I think it was having sex with the ghost a few chapters back that enabled him to avoid it! And as for muscical74 thought on that him having sex with the ghost might of been the reason, I don't really see it, for he him self does not absorb powers from his pussymon as far as we know.

If I am right that you did that, than opps, if not, then good job. I might not create games, but I will test them, Then I will give advice on what I think needs to be added, removed, or improved. Official bug tester of Dark Impulses, creators of pokemorph:Pink. Good job. There were a couple of grammar and spelling mistakes If you want i can list those.

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Could have been a bit more messier on the cum side, but that is personal preference Really looking forward to where the story is going to. Keep up the good work.

But this time I gave up. The conversation is too long.

A better approach will be cutting down the conversation and split them into parts. And than make the dialog part of the game.

Maybe shown up when some event triggered. Of course, I know programming. That's not something easy.

Author comments

I know the feel when you have better parts to spend time on. Just an opinion, not a request, not even necessarily an advice. Quite confusing to me.

Deadman Wrote: well, well, well, some how going from pokemon trainer to pussymon trainer after falling into a new world and some how getting amnesia. Spartacus Wrote: Like the expanded story.

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As a writer and translator, I would like to help you with this project. If you are fine with that, please message me with a private message. Perhaps you should speak to me more softly then.

Monsters are dangerous and, just now, kings are dying like flies. Please check it out and see what you think. Last edited by blah00 on Wed Nov 28, pm, edited 1 time in total.