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Reddit hot guys like seeking femme who loves hardcore

What do you do when you see a hot guy walking in the street? How do you look at him, and what do you do if he looks at you?

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My age: 37
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I know it was sort of asked before a long time ago; however, not much came from it though. It was very interesting to read reddit about life experience from a hot girl.

But what about a hot or very good looking guy? Everything else personality, money being average or better. How does life treat you? How do people and friends treat you? How's life with women, including the public scene? Please share your experiences. Honestly, I don't like it.

Dear hot guys of reddit, why are you single?

I didn't realize that I was abnormally good looking until recently well, I am from the neck up. I'd look like your average tall, skinny guy if I had a bag over my head. People always told me I was photogenic or cute, but I either didn't accept it or ignored it because I didn't want to appear vain. Eventually I was complaining to my wife about how people look at me weird when I'm in public and that I have awkward conversations with women at work.

What do you do when you see a hot guy?

She corrected my thinking. Anyway, here are my thoughts:. I agree, people pay way more attention to me than they would otherwise. I'm nice, but kind of shy.

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I don't do anything to warrant the attention I get. In public I will constantly catch people looking at me and then they look away quickly--men and women. I get a lot of eye contact and smiles from girls I walk by. Confident men want to be my best friend.

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Insecure men generally try to upstage me. My personality doesn't really fit my appearance. Men who draw attention to themselves by being loud or outrageous are generally threatened by me and attempt to put me down. Too often people tell me how I look. For example, I often hear about how young I look.

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If I've lost weight I'll hear that I'm skinny way too frequently. Rarely are people in the service industry rude to me, but it might also be because I show them respect. I'm old, fat, and wear a monocle. I do hold large bags with money s on them as I step off of my train and walk into my hotel on the Boardwalk though. You actually answered the question. Have an upvote. Also, all of this is true. One caveat is that I end up shirtless wherever I go.

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Can't seem to figure out the physics behind it. There's good looking, which is where you find that female salespeople and clerks and stuff are always really friendly and extra helpful, and that when you start a casual conversation at a bar the girl often trips over her words and gets really embarrassed, and then there's really fucking hot.

I have one friend in the latter category. We used to work in a bar together and he would just have girl after girl after girl approach him and just shamelessly say "Here's my .

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Call me if you want to have a good time. We don't have to date or anything. Funnily enough, he was one of those guys that is fixated on the "true love" idea and he didn't hook up with any of those stunners.

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I was furious. I'm no 10, but at least an 8 or so I've been told and I have a few buddies that are less than 8 and also a lot shorter than me who like to go out and pick up chicks. They get noticeably frustrated with me when I'm not trying to run game on some chick I'm not into simply because I can.

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I can see their issue though, it'd be like meeting a guy that has a perfect voice, but refuses to sing. I'm always thinking, 'there has to be more to life than being really really ridiculously good looking'. Just because you have chiseled abs and ridiculously good looks doesn't mean you too, can't not die, in a freak gasoline fight accident.

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What is life like being a hot guy? Posted by 10 years ago. Sort by: best.

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I hate it when girls look at my boobs instead of my face. Hit on by men and women.

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Intimidate some people. People pay more attention to you. Anyway, here are my thoughts: I agree, people pay way more attention to me than they would otherwise. I'm friends with a lot of girls. Continue this thread. Sounds exactly like my life. I'm not good looking though. That could explain it.

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