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Espanol baby seek reddit lesbians to flirts

Where I live it's extremely difficult, especially as I'm getting older so socialise less.

ebony sister Leona

Online: 5 days ago


I have updated the wiki with a table of lesbian related subreddits, with info. You can click the headers to sort.

My age: 34
Where am I from: Danish
Sexual preference: I like man
Color of my iris: Big hazel green
My sex: Female
My Sign of the zodiac: I'm Aries
Favourite drink: Beer
My favourite music: Folk
In my spare time I love: Sports
I like tattoo: None

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single girls August

This sub shouldn't have the word Lesbian in it's title especially if you won't even defend them. Banned this user and locked this post.

passion sister Rose

It would have normally been taken down but a bunch of terf subs got taken down today on reddit. I want to make it very clear this kind of shit wont be tolerated here.

passion single Emmalynn

The last sub intended and made for just Lesbians was banned today under false reports that it was pushing out hate, which was not true and never has been. So now the sub where many lesbians young, middle aged, and old went to as a safe space is no more.

gorgeous teen Giana

A bunch of transphobic subs were banned and now the transphobes are scattering looking for where to go. As one of your "true" cis lesbians, fuck off.

Reddit lesbians

You're not doing me any favors, just empowering the creeps who harass me for using the bathroom for looking too butch. No trans women has ever harassed me or made me uncomfortable, but plenty of transphobes like you have. So because we wanted an lesbian sub for lesbians you took that as all of us being the same as other people who have attacked you?

white singles Alma

Had you or anyone carefully looked at the sub and seen the posts, you would have never seen hate just love and support for women who needed it. If anyone, anyone wanted to think ahead, they'd see what is happening to lesbians who want to be free to choose is the same thing you're accuseing us of doing to transgender people.

hot babes Gloria

I guess that's okay though if it makes you feel better. Go a head and lump us all together then. The last true lesbian sub was banned.

slut teen Rebekah

Posted by 1 year ago. Archived Comments are locked.

Sort by: best. What's this in reference to?

fit babes Maddison

Continue this thread. More posts from the LesbianActually community. Lesbian Actually is a place for all people who are interested in discussing lesbian pop culture, issues, questions, and challenges.

sluts sister Ximena

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