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I'm reddit sex scenes female who wants humor

For some, zooming backwards through their own sexual development can be far more titillating than the latest Pornhub query. The Phoebe Cates nude scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High is one of the prized touchstones in the straight male hivemind. Personally, I remember the scene being constantly hyped up in frothy Maxim countdowns as an urtext of pop erotica.

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I work in movies from time to time and have been on set for a sex scene. Some folks had questions. I have some answers. Here's the rundown of how it works. Yes, there are some movies that have actual sex but, they are rare and not really mainstream. The basic idea is skeleton crew.

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A Reddit user sparked the debate of the century when they posted a very important statement on the website's "unpopular opinions" board: " Sex scenes in movies are usually completely unnecessary, add nothing to the plot or character development, and just make me feel uncomfortable.

Should movies have sex scenes? a reddit debate has divided the internet

While it's a definitive statement that sex scenes make everyone uncomfortable when you watch them with your parents, this Reddit thread is definitely open for discussion. In the post's poll, users voted in support of the opinion, and voted against it. But anyway It does the job when both characters wake up in the same bed topless in the morning.

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I can infer what has happened. Seriously no need to show an awkward clip. Another user also shared those same feelings: "Lol, same. I wonder if the porn numbs us to it.

Reddit nsfw funny sex videos

No penetration? One person explained a different point of view: "I usually just skip them.

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They feel pointless and awkward and detract from the film. Especially when it's an actor I'm quite familiar with, then I just get that weird feeling as if I was secretly spying on a friend having sex. No thanks. But others beg to differ and claim that sex scenes definitely add to the movie and are absolutely necessary -- not for sexy purposes, but to tell us more about the character.

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It's used to show the sexual maturation of the character," one user argues. It can be done tastefully and not resemble porn," they write.

Val kilmer comments on batman-catwoman controversy

Here's another valid point from a fan of GoT's steamy scenes: "I actually like Game of Thrones 'sex' scenes - because it doesn't make it a 5 minute affair. They show tits the two people make out for a second then they move on. Well, what do you think?

Should movies have sex scenes, or are they cringey and useless? Maxim Marketplace. Maxim Cover Girl.

Val kilmer comments on batman-catwoman controversy

Home Entertainment. By Jared Paul Stern. By Steve Huff. By Brandon Friederich.

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By Maxim Staff. By Maxim Video.

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