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This is one of those XXX subreddits that takes racial pornographic controversy to a whole new meaning. Now, why is their ethnicity a factor? Well, because the girls living in countries within the Middle-East and South Asian region especially predominantly Islamic states are oppressed - so even seeing them with their top off is a big deal and a very rare sight in general. So instead, they opt for a safer option when it comes to receiving sexual attention - posting themselves on this subreddit.

This subreddit shows nothing but girls from the most sexually-strict countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and so on, repressed gone wild it shows them flaunting themselves so to speak in the comfort and safety of a subreddit, where the crowd is mostly young males from the US, UK, and Europe.

And sometimes it shows girls that have emigrated from those countries too, and have decided to flaunt themselves sexually on the internet thanks to their newfound freedom. In short, this subreddit is really just a perfect place if you've got an "Arab" fetishto put it bluntly. A Lot Of Them Are Afraid to Show Their Face Well, this one's completely understandable - I mean there are tons of amateur girls from Western countries who are also afraid to show their face, for obvious reasons. Hell, there are even plenty of "verified amateurs" girls on PornHub's network who are also not willing to show their faces to the millions of people who fap to them.

Now, this may or may not be good depending on your preference - a lot of dudes such as myself prefer to see the woman's face when they're fapping to her, especially if it's a still image which is what most of this subreddit contains.

But hey, if the body is hot enough, then I guess it's enough of a compromise. Mostly Just Nude Body Shots or Selfies Yeah - since most of the content here is either pure OC or recycled OC from another subreddit, that does mean that it mostly comes in still image format. Because it only takes one second to take a good, decent-enough picture for a XXX subreddit. Filming a GIF or video requires much more effort, and a lot of these girls are too shy or too lazy to give it. That's why most of the content here is plain old pictures - and most of it is just solo girls taking selfies or body shots of themselves, which brings me to my next point And that counts even for girls using toys too.

There just aren't that many ladies on this subreddit that are having sex on the content they post and that makes perfect sense when you think about repressed gone wild. Well, Repressed gone wild was right, of course - so painfully right that I naturally implied a serious lack of GIF and video content here.

That gives you still image posts for every one or two video or GIFs here. So if you're the kind of guy who prefers to fap to videos, then you might want to skip out on this particular subreddit So you can't really organize, separate, or segregate any of the content on this site on a specific basis. You can't really even separate the posts here based on their format. What you can do though is search for posts on this site using the search bar, but here's where things get funky.

This is why Reddit definitely needs some kind of tagging system at the very least so that its posts can be searched for more effectively. And this is pretty useful now that we're all in quarantine lockdown - I mean, can you imagine not being able to fap to porn from your phone while stuck inside with your family?

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