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Follow the story of Rowan Blackwell, a hero responsible for saving his land from the clutches of a demon lord, as he finds himself forced to serve the dark bidding of a new, nefarious evil. Descend into darkness and our hero on a journey of corruption and betrayal.

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Game Studio: Venus Noire Tags: venus noire, visual novel, erotic adventure, fantasy, oral adult, 2d art, demonic porn, intercourse, anal porn, cheating, Censor: No Language: English Version: 0. The game is set in The Six Realms, the westernmost continent in the world of Solanse.

Seven years have passed since the last Demon War, and the defeat of Lord Karnas at the hands of the forces of Light ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity for all the races of the six kingdoms. Evil never lies dormant for long, however, and in the shadows new threats to the tenuous peace begin to stir. In the first scenario, you play as Rowan, a veteran of the last Demon War. He and his fellow heroes, aided by the Goddess of Light, pursued Karnas to the heart of his stronghold, Castle Bloodmeen, and defeated him once and for all.

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Having hung up his sword upon returning to his peaceful home village and marrying his childhood sweetheart, Alexia, he finds his idyllic life shattered by the arrival of a beautiful, mysterious woman. Before he knows it, he is forced to serve the very darkness he fought to destroy seven years ago.

Core Features: You are the bad guy — Unlike most games with alignment systems that allow you to be good, evil, or morally neutral, in Seeds of Chaos you play the villain. Ethical decisions will focus on just how corrupt you character is becoming, and the consequences of that change.

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A random event system that adapts to choices the player makes, and other variables past events, stats, inventory content, reputation, affection, etc. Multiple endings including bad ends.

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Quality original art by a of talented artists. An original soundtrack by Leet Music, known for his work on numerous Winter Wolves projects.

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There will also be a relatively safe for work version produced, with the sexually explicit content removed, for those who just want to play the game without the porn content. Change-log: v0.