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Over the course of a legendary party, Zade just might provide the spark that this heartbrok

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Over the course of a legendary party, Zade just might provide the spark that this heartbroken idealist needs to turn his life around. Todd Barnes Brad Barnes. Sophie Goodhart Brad Barnes. Todd Barnes Tom Griffin. I think Sex, Guaranteed may be the most tonally bizarre movie I've ever seen.

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In. Sex Guaranteed Hide Spoilers. Kevin is a nice guy drifting in his job as a roofer, set in New Orleans I believe, and meets this rich guy, played by Stephen Dorff, who wants to help him get his ex-fiance back by giving-him start-up money for an ill-conceived business idea of opening a "Trampoline World".

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The Dorff character hires him an escort, Zade, who befriend's Kevin and eventually seduces him. Kevin's ex-fiance, by the way, is now sleeping with Kevin's brother, so the cute Zade who turns out to be a nice girl from a good family that moonlights as an escort starts to look like a better option. The best thing in this movie is Stephen Dorff, who is wry, funny, and manic-depressive, while holding these week-long parties at this house, and keeps prompting Kevin to do something about his failed romantic history.

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There is little sex in this movie, until the end when Zade and Kevin hook up, and one brief topless scene. The comedy is pretty bland, as the script could use some work. For example, the movie's funniest scene appears to be where Zade trys to tell a knock-knock joke to an older woman in a supermarket. It's a reasonably pleasant film, with a decent concept, that barely kept my interest for its 83 min. I agree that it needs a different title and would nominate "A week with Zade" or something similar.

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Was this review helpful? Ed-Shullivan 23 April This is one of those questionable films that seems like most other "immature wild party filth filled dialogue" camp films for the first twenty 20 minutes or so. If you can just hang in there a road adventure commences at around the twenty 20 minute mark in which our star Kevin Grey Damon who is a roofer by trade, is encouraged by the wealthy and wild party animal Hank Stephen Dorffand a very hot and sexy prostitute named Zade Bella Dayne to ignore what he believes is his "penis jinx" and go after his so-called love of his life, his former engaged girlfriend Angie Annalisa Chamberlin and to win her love back.

As Kevin gets into Hank's pink cadillac which is sex guaranteed review driven by the happy hooker Zade their threesome adventure really begins as I stated in my summary and the film becomes quite entertaining.

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These three 3 individuals who have completely different personalities as well as their own personal baggage somehow find a way to greatly help one another to not only get over their personal issues but to form a unique friendship. Recommended as a date night movie. This is a gratuitously silly movie, with a, female lead who's a true heartbreaker.

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Kevin Grey Damon is a sex guaranteed review. Maybe it was huge. No, it most likely was huge because Kevin decides to give up sex to win her back. Doesn't take a genius to figure out what the "incident" was. He also plans on winning her back by showing her he can be financially successful and comes up with the idea of a Trampoline World.

Hank Stephen Dorff overhears the conversation with Kevin's roofing buddies and feels sorry for Kevin and decides to hire him an 'escort' prostitute named Zade Bella Dayne but Kevin's given up sex and this makes Zade upset because Kevin is making her look bad in not being able to do her job. Bella Dayne's character, in my opinion, is the best thing about this film. The film does have a type of sweetness to it; sort of a longing. Also, a sort of sadness, as well. Hank seems carefree, laid back but lost and sad.

You do find out the sadness of Hank. I actually didn't like this film at first but it grew on me, slowly.

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The Zade character helped. The music was good but too much, at times.

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The direction was paint-by-s. The script was good but not great. The editing was the worst thing. It was all over the place. Overall: I enjoyed it. The movie lives up to its title, but you have to wait till the end for any SEX! In the hands of a better scriptwriter or less hands in the cookie jar this could have been really great. Instead it is silly and too many needless diversions to stand above the crowd. I was going to give it 4 stars, but it is better than that Watch at your own discretion.

Not bad at all.

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Was a decent movie. My kind of party. ChRisXd01 8 June Sex Guaranteed is a nice and enjoyable movie based on a little different rom-com story!

The plot is good and the movie is very underrated. It's really worth it to spent some time on this Movie :. Dorf is the best in this simple little movie. They filmed the entire movie with a dirty lens and a smudge in the middle. VanBooter 5 February Ha well that was a surprise.

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I very nearly avoided this film because comedy in films usually misses my antenna. I sometimes wonder if reviewers are watching a different film to the one I was watching, when I read their glowing reports. That's not to say this one is full of laughs, in fact I never laughed at all, smiled a few times but that was about it. However I watched the thing to the end, even read the credits so that's a good.

It's one of those films you can come home too and watch while you are eating your dinner and not miss anything.

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If I was a girl I would probably say it was sweet, not the dinner, the film. Well, this comedy from writers Brad Barnes and Sophie Goodhart was somewhat of an ordeal to sit through.

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When I sat down in to watch "Sex Guaranteed", I must admit that I had expected a bit more from the movie than what directors Brad Barnes and Todd Barnes managed to deliver. Much to my disappointment. Especially sex guaranteed review since I had sat down to watch it as the movie had Dan Fogler on the cast list, and he is usually well worth watching in movies.

But not in this comedy, apparently. But these actors could only manage so much with the limitations of a lousy script and storyline. For a comedy then "Sex Guaranteed" failed to deliver. I didn't laugh once throughout the course of this ordeal. So this movie was a massive swing and a miss from writers Brad Barnes and Sophie Goodhart. It feels like "Sex Guaranteed" tried to be something that it wasn't, and directors Brad Barnes and Todd Barnes just didn't have the required skills to make the movie entertaining. My rating of "Sex Guaranteed" is a generous three out of ten stars.

If you enjoy comedies, then you shouldn't waste your time, money or effort on this movie. Some of us did so you don't have to. Create a list ». Movies I've seen.

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