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As a reminder and this is greatly simplifying the rolesalphas lead, betas follow, sigmas get out of the way, and omegas get in the way. Healthy happy Alphas love to guide and protect the people they love, whether the tribe is a family or a team or a flock or a herd or a pack. Healthy happy Betas love to be parents, good employees, part of or on a team, take pride in tribe-contributing accomplishments, such as healthy happy children, long marriages, financial success and the material indicators, such as new cars, home ownership, vacations, etc.

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Every man has unique personality traits that make him who he is and define his actions. These classifications help us understand how and why a man lives his life the way he does. Because of this classification, the alpha male is naturally going to be confident in how he acts and goes about his life. Confidence is the ability to enter into a wide array of situations and know that you will make it through, no matter how adverse the situations are. Confidence is not a natural human tendency, and even an alpha male personality type becomes confident over time. He Is Outgoing The confidence that an alpha male has is something that is clear from miles away.

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And have you ever wondered which type you belong to? I bet you have. For you, it was inificant what your personality type was because there were more important things than that. If you are a boy, you want all the girls to go crazy about you and you sigma vs omega to show off in front of the guys. On the other hand, if you are a girl, you just want to look as attractive as you can and have good grades in school so you can get into one of the most prestigious colleges.

Nevertheless, there are other ways to classify personalities. Alpha vs Beta vs Gamma vs Omega vs Delta vs Sigma personality types is a categorization that helps us determine why different people live their lives the way they do. For example, why does someone have to be an Alpha male or Alpha female? Why does someone have to be an Omega male or an Omega female? I actually never thought about that until I saw how my personality makes sigma vs omega people around me make conclusions about my life. And that is something that is not so easy to change.

As an example, there are women who I know who have been Betas for their whole lives but now they want to change that and become Alphas because they like the spirit of Alpha females. So now I would like to talk a little bit about all those types of personalities that exist and tell you something about the pros and cons of every type. So if you are interested in the Alpha vs Beta vs Gamma vs Omega vs Delta vs Sigma personality and which type you are, check the descriptions of each type, for both males and females. When you say Alpha, the first thing that comes to your mind is dominance.

If you look at us humans as one big animal kingdom, Alpha is the leader of the wolf pack. Both Alpha female and Alpha male personalities have extraordinary leadership skills which usually bring them to success.

What is beta personality?

The Alpha male is a man every woman would sigma vs omega to be with. He is extremely successful both in his private life and his business life and because of that, he has many enemies. A man like this is a born leaderso when he speaks, the rest of the people around him keep their mouths shut. He is always the center of attention and when he is talking, people look like someone put a spell on them.

All of the people in his company tend to feel good because he is good enough to ask them to him and all of them, including his superiors, are amazed by the ideas he can think of at very short notice. A man like this is definitely someone who loves social gatherings and who enjoys being the star of every discussion. From a man like this, you will always hear some cute pick-up lines that will make any woman fall for him.

And when I say fall for him, I mean fall really hard. Because that is the only way women fall for guys like this. Regarding all this that you have read, you can conclude that this type of personality is the most attractive and appealing and that both women and men want to be Alphas.

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Out of all female personalitiesthis one is the strongest and, without a doubt, the most powerful. Alpha women have it all — beauty, charm, and intelligence and they know how to handle difficult situations very well. This is the type of woman every man would love to have but is intimidated by that.

She knows her worth and she is just fine being on her own. She is always bossy and sarcastic in some situations but she is also progressive. And the best part is that the rest of the women look at her like she is a goddess, just waiting for what she has to say so they can also act like that. She is someone who thinks with her own head, not really listening to what other people have to say.

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Also, one good thing about her is that she is really emotional but she never reveals her true face. So she remains peaceful beneath her mask of a sigma vs omega woman. In business, she is a beast who can get whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. In romantic relationships, in most cases, she is the one who makes the first move but that is totally normal for her to do. Also, she is not intimidated by strong guys and she will tell them what she thinks, no matter the circumstances. Deep down, Alpha women have a kind heart, which combined with their sassy nature makes them perfect GFs.

You need to be born with the characteristics of an Alpha female and it is not really something that you can learn during your life. So, all of you who recognized yourself in these words, congratulations because nature gave you something that most women crave all their lives.

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People with a Beta personality are supportive and trustworthy. This archetype is collaborative and reliable.

What is alpha personality?

Here we are, talking about a Beta male personality. In a few words, these guys are as good as Alphas but with a few more emotions and feelings. What does that mean? Well, put simply, Beta guys are all those nice guys who you want to meet one day and the ones you want to end up marrying. A Beta is the kind of guy you want to have kids with and when you meet one, you will have the feeling that he can be your best friend and your lover at the same time. A Beta male has numerous virtues.

He is sensitive, modest, reliable, and easygoing. They are easily embarrassed and not quite sure about their looks or their personality. If you see a guy who is just keeping quiet and smiling from time to time while his other sigma vs omega talk and tell funny jokes, he must be a Beta male. In fact, he is scared that he will say something wrong in front of girls and that he will embarrass himself. In romantic relationships, he is always faithful, so nowadays, many women choose to marry this kind of guy because he is hubby material.

All in all, he is more down to earth than an Alpha male and it is much easier to form a stable relationship with him. A Beta female is similar to an Alpha female but a little bit less dominating. She is the one who does all those things that nobody else wants to do and somehow she always gets less attention than an Alpha female.

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Even if she deserves so many good things, she never gets them, which leaves scars on her heart. A woman like this makes for an amazing best friend and she is always there for her loved ones. They always think that nobody will like them so when someone compliments them, they get really surprised.

The 6 male personalities: alpha vs beta vs gamma vs omega vs delta vs sigma

In business, women like this always go the extra mile and they sacrifice their spare time for things they have to finish for their work. In romantic relationships, most of the time they are scared to make the first move and they wait for guys to do that. What they have is what they have earned with their own efforts and nobody can take that away from them. Sometimes, it appears that Gammas are detached from real life.

They do their own thing and are huge fans of adventures. The best things about them are probably sigma vs omega loyalty and sensitivity. This kind of guy is mostly a shy guy who never has the courage to make the first move. With their bosses, they will be the ones who will just nod their he to everything their bosses have to say and the ones who never say what they actually think about anything. In romantic relationships, they can be very difficult to handle because they can be obsessed with the girl they like. A man like this lacks self-esteem and he always thinks that no matter how hard he tries, he will never be enough.

In relationships, he can be very clingy and that can lead to the end of all of his romantic endeavors. When he falls in love, he falls hard and he thinks that his sigma vs omega is the best woman in the world and that he can trust her no matter what happens. He is too blind to see when a woman takes advantage of him and he would rather live being deceived about something than to be right and aware.

He is very sensitive and you can see that by the way he looks at people and sympathizes with them. The most important characteristic of a Gamma female is that she likes to be caught by a man. A woman like this is always cooperative and ready to help.

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She is someone who feels good when she has all the information that could help her reach her business goals. Her environment and nature are extremely important to her, and she will always take care that she keeps her home and her surroundings as clean as she can.

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Faith and all those spiritual things are very important to her and she always finds her inner peace when she prays. She is someone who is goal-oriented but also willing to share all her knowledge with people who deserve it. And in the end, she always gets what she wants because she makes long-term plans for her life, using different tactics for success.

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Nobody has to admire an Omega for them to feel good about themselves. These people possess extraordinary intelligence and they have no trouble mastering their area of expertise.

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If you want to know what the Omega definition is, just imagine a mix of Alpha and Beta personality types. Just like an Alpha male, he is the leader in his relationships, being the dominant one all the time. He is not the type of guy who women can twist around their little fingers but he gives them all that they need for a happy relationship.

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