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Each module is a self-contained adventure that le into the next in the series.

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Bring me relics of your battles with the Slave Lords. Then, by order of Dame Gold, I shall forge mighty items for you! Slave Lords crafting allows you to make a set of items ML 8 or 28 with powerful effects, that together can also give a "set bonus", which all combined can give a much higher bonus for some effects than Cannith Crafting can offer. This sub-section explains the basics; full details are discussed later in this article, see specific sections for more information.

The first step is to run the quests and collect the basic ingredients see belowwhich drop from special chests and the end chest, and are also available as an option for the chain end-reward.

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The 3 common unbound ingredients are indeed common, and the 3 uncommon BtA are not too uncommon, so it's not surprising to have of each common and a dozen of each uncommon by the end of the chain. The 2 rare ingredients are indeed rare - good luck with those! These also drop in the special chests, and are also bound-to. Named items also count toward set bonuses once they are specifically upgraded to do so.

The next step is to speak to a barter NPC to exchange the basic ingredients for "gems" of different sorts see belowwhich will be used to give you the effects on your items. Each of the 3 common slave lord 1 3 uncommon ingredients allows a different kind of effect on the item, and there are 6 possible to create for each item you will create - prefix, suffix, bonus, extra, augment slot clear, yellow, blue, or greenand set bonus your choice of 3 possible. Tables below show what sort of effects can go into each of these.

The last step is to use those gems on the item itself to create the effects you want - and your item is complete! If you don't have all the ingredients you want now, you can always upgrade it later, but you cannot "erase" or change an effect - once it's there, it's locked in. There are only 3 base items that drop, and only one type of base item drops in each quest.

Each finished item can be equipped in either of two possible equipment slots so a possible 7 slots in all, as you can equip 2 rings.

Set bonuses trigger at 3 and 5 items equipped, see Set Bonusesat bottom. Rare ingredients drop in all quests.

Against the slave lords

All base items may use all ingredients. See below for more information on Ingredients and Recipes. There are eight different ingredients that drop in the small chests and end chest throughout the quests, 3 common, 3 uncommon, and 2 rare. Each common and uncommon ingredient drops only in one quest, so if you need some of those, you know where to find them see table, above.

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Only the common ingredients are unbound so can be traded, mailed, sold on the AH, etc. See recipes below for further details.

They are direct purchase from the crafting NPC using above raw ingredients as currency. These will allow you to add on a prefix, suffix, extra, bonus, an augment slot, and a Set bonus the Set Bonus will be crafted onto the named items as well, each item can only count for 1 of the sets.

The gems are Bound togo into the Ingredients Bagdo not have the color in their names, and have inconsistent names i. Once applied, these Gems can not be removed or overwritten.

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See below Recipes section for details. However, these named items are not "customizable", but rather are named items you can plug in that count for Slavers Crafting Set Bonuses. So, depending which effect you're trying to add to an item, you need Of course, the totals become less if you can live without an augment slot, or the smallish "Bonus" effect, or if you don't need that item to have a set bonus, etc. Note: If you're including any Slavers named item s see in your 3- or 5-piece set, you can only add a single "set bonus" effect to that named item; they are not otherwise customizable.

These are the correct values.

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Named items, even from outside the Slave Lords chain. If applying to an item which is not from the Slave Lords chain, the item must still belong in one of the gear slots corresponding to Slavers Crafting: ring, belt, trinket, necklace, bracers, or boots. Further notes: Legendary Statuettes do not change item minimum level tested on level 13 Cannith crafted ring, Sept The Mythic upgrades can be applied on named items and then can have 2 mythic bonus, 1 by drop and 1 applied confirmed on a spinneret on live.

Note: That you do not get a benefit from both Ring of Power U That bonus can be overridden with a new one too. You can also add a set bonus to preset named items that drop as is and listed above. Preset items and crafted items all count toward the following set bonuses. And here are the 3 possible sets:.

Jump to:search. Namespaces Slave lord 1. Views Read Edit history. This was last modifiedFebruary 15, Update Based on work by others.

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Attribution-ShareAlike 2. Requires access to adventure pack Definition: adventure pack A list of all adventure packs : Against the Slave Lords.

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Part 1, Slave Pits of the Undercity. Part 2, Secret of the Slavers' Stockade.

Slave lords of the galaxy [v ]

Part 3, Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords. Broken Shackle. Chain Links. Broken Collar. Shattered Symbol of the Slave Lords. Frayed Leather. Staff Splinter. Statuette of the Gods. Statuette to the Gods. Legendary Statuette of the Gods. Slave Master's Bust.

Legendary Slave Master's Bust. Legendary Executioner's Plat. Legendary Executioner's Docent.

Slave lord / ver:

Legendary Spinneret. Legendary Symbol of the Slave Lords. Legendary Executioner's Helm. Legendary Mutilator of Minds. Legendary Slave Master's Cloak. Legendary Slave Rags. Legendary Breaker of Bodies. Legendary Hardened Hide Helm. Legendary Ring of Power.

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Legendary Slave Master's Staff. Spell Penetration. Quality Attributes. Quality False Life. Quality Fortification. Quality MRR. Quality PRR. Quality Skills. Augment Slot addition. Set bonus addition. Slave Lord's Might. Slave Lord's Sorcery. Slaver's Endurance.