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Sword of Chaos combines the elements of fatal attraction and chaotic violence into a unique and astonishing visual feast. Immerse yourself in a world of violence and unleash your inner wildness.

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I am assuming that because NG have invited this game to advertise here that they will also allow discussion of said game And that flash of her Chicks enjoy visual stimulatation too It was uncensored but now it is. Nothing to see anyhow TBH never get people's facintaion with that sort of thing but each to their own.

It's because, unfortunately, most gamers are year old straight males, so the are thus targeted. Aps might actually lose viewership if their featured heavily muscled dudes in loincloths, winking suggestively with their tongue lolling out to exhibit its length and flexibility.

It might make me play more though Lmao noooo not a naked Tammy coloring app!!! There's not even a price you could put on that. Toggle .

Sword of chaos porn

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February Feeling Lost, ! Poppy Member Posts: 1, February edited February Poppy said:.

SenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: Well I think all of the booby games are ridiculous - but I'm a girl. However there is one in particular that I would like removed if it hasn't been already and that is the ad for "Honey Trap".

From time to time my boys watch me play - we make fun of the anatomically impossible booby games- but Honey Trap needs to go. I'm sure people will disagree - that's ok.

Just my opinion since it was brought up. Lol never saw honey trap and I think sword of chaos is funny more than anything. Nichonne Member Posts: Too funny.

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I'm not even sure what the age recommendation is on No Man's Land - so other would be in line with that. I would assume Honey Trap appears to be a cross between virtual porn and prostitution. Players can apparently instruct their scantily clad Asian girls to do their bidding. I'm sure the in app purchases are many. Nichonne said:.

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Lawdog Member Posts: Lawdog said:. Bit of a hike for it-doing some quick math annnnd. I think I'd have to buy about lbs of it to make up for the petro.

But thx. We get the censored and the uncensored version in the UK, Always watch with the sound off though.


SlayerSect Member Posts: Honey Trap!?!?! I get "Arnie" all the time.

And I certainly don't wan't him winking at me nor showing me the length of his tongue. There is also an Anime Soccer game as well. No way those top heavy ladies are running down the field! Play to Slay.

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Slay to live another day. Daily players. On and killing walkers as often as we can. We need you!

We want you! JAG Member Posts: SlayerSect You mean "Arnie Soccer" : 22 top heavy laddies running each other down on the field? Lmao my brothers gf just came round I'm sure these apps must be aimed at lil boys 12 to Wait what. And screw the coloring AP,I have mirrors on my ceiling you can use.