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Ethiopians girl taifun riders blog guy especially for flirts

Posted by TaifunRiders - 5 days ago. Posted by TaifunRiders - March 18th,

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We've worked adjusting the volume in this version but the true is that is harder than it seems, because in different dispositives the volume changes, and a lot. In our pc sounds good, in the laptop bad, in the another pc also bad, with headphones good, without them bad

My age: 24
Iris color: I’ve got lively dark eyes
What is my body features: My figure features is strong
What I prefer to drink: Champagne
In my spare time I love: Painting
My tattoo: None
Smoker: No

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We've worked adjusting the volume in this version but the true is that is harder than it seems, because in different dispositives the volume changes, and a lot. In our pc sounds good, in the laptop bad, in the another pc also bad, with headphones good, without them bad So we will keep trying. We'll try comparing them with Space Paws sounds as it seems there all sounds had a similar volume. About the gallery and the succubus, you are not the first suggesting something like that.

We're thinking about it. We've not decided what we'll do there. I like replaying the battles so perhaps a cheat to unlock the animations or something like that. We'll see.

That's weird. You should be able to use credit card or paypal. Send a message to itch. There the game has the same price and patreon accepts paypal and credit cards.

Taifun riders

The time between update is usual similar but this incoming update is needing a bit more of time because there are a lot of changes, more than usual. We've focused on improving battles, smoother videos, new mechanics But very Soon : it's almost ready. We are glad to know you enjoy our game.

All the updates will take approx 3 months, that's true but exceptionally we're making deep changes on the game that is taking a bit more than usual. I know waiting is frustrating, that's why 3 months is a good balance between waiting and new content.

But again, we think we have improved the game a lot in this update we'll soon release. We really think that the wait will be really worth it. You need to extract all the content inside the. Just extract everything and it should work. Approx every months we'll try to release a new update of the game, as we did with space paws.

Sensitive content warning

We like to update and improve the stuff, step by step, hearing our patrons and fans :. Likely we'll release an non optimised yet android build in the next patreon release we'll make in a few weeks. Glad you enjoyed our alpha.

If you can't support us it's also helpful when people recommend us or talk with others about our work.

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For now, no much people know about Shuggerlain :. We've "delayed" the public release just to make coincide the public and patreon releases. So exceptionally the public release is taking slightly more than usual. But as I've already said, soon :. It's hard to tell but We can't share the audio files because we 've bought the rights to only use it on our game but we'll credit all the soundtracks and it's possible that we also add something like a jukebox extra on the main menu to hear the songs.

That's our objective a good game where sex scene are good but at the same time they're just a bonus :. Glad you enjoyed the first steps of our new project : About 0. Patrons will receive the updates some months earlier, but after that we'll make them public.

Same with discord.

Omat blogit

Patrons have early acces, but later everyone will be able to our discord. After all, they are paying our bills so we give them early acces to everything among others things :. Thank you very much. We're glad to know you like our new project.

We're considering ing it on steam once it is done. We also think that it should reach the quality standards of many games on steam. Thanks for reporting the typo. It's Ashtera :. We only found that bug on incognito mode. Make sure your PC is allowing Flash to storage data.

This is v. So yeah, we're developing it and this is only the beginning.

Next release will be only for patrons, but we'll be making public releases from time to time here as well :. There are semi-transparent arrows at the left and right border of the screen.

And you can also advance with "X" key and go back with "Z" key. On the last step you'll be able to cum with "C" key. Finally found that bug. It's a bug related with Incognito modes. In Chrome's incognito mode it happens, but in Opera is working fine. We'll test more browsers but for now you have the following options: 1-download the game, 2-don't use incognito mode, 3- Use Opera incognito mode.

I'm sorry about that! Sadly Flash games could be affected by software like CCleaner or similar. Saves are located on remote places of the pc and once some software "cleans" your pc, it usually removes the saves. Just open the. You can try first without the flash projector and if that doesn't work, with the flash projector, but then we recommend the. Hope it helps.

If keeps loading forever just when just open the game: you're open it with a browser. Use a flash projector If the loading screens is in the H-scenes, the. Not exactly that bug but we've discovered that some patrons experience similar behaviours when they try to run the game with a browser. This is a huge flash game. Allow flash to storage data in your pc.

Also if you use CCleaner or similar it usually delete saves. That why it doesn't load. Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. More Block. Creator of. Add to collection. Shuggerlain v0. Taifun Riders. Space Paws. Recent community posts Shuggerlain v0. Taifun Riders 1 day ago. Paypal or stripe should work. Taifun Riders 11 days ago. Thanks for reporting! We'll fix it!

Taifun Riders 19 days ago. Taifun Riders 55 days ago. Taifun Riders days ago. It's already available :. In the desktop version? You probably didn't extract all the files of the. Sorry We just try our games to offer something more than just sex :P. Likely after the next release will work on an android version. What do you mean? The game is already free here in itch. I'm afraid not. Taifun Riders 1 year ago.