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Dancer woman looking up the last demon hunter walkthrough to dating

Fem has been raiding on a Mythic raiding level on all different tank classes but often plays what is required by the guild.

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Just as the name suggests, this is where you go when you want to be a futa. It is right of Ayla's house. Don't go to Jorgsson's Town. Instead, just go right, and you'll find the hidden mountain pass. You access this by going directly south after you get out of the first cave. No enemies here, and it's not exactly important to the story, but you can access one of the bad endings here by interacting with one of the boxes in the right section of the house inside the house.

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The last demonhunter succubus

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Forums Main Hentai Hentai Games. Thread starter Pervy Start date Mar 12, awesome corruption demonhunter free game incomplete.

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First Prev 2 of 17 Go to. ed Oct 18, Messages 61 Reputation score Asestado and Vrtrvr: Oooh! This is cool! This is why I waited a while with posting it here, genuine trolling on my game! Eat it! Lemme tell ya, I have rather good conditions with an artist, and it still costs quite a bunch. I've seen the artists work on my pictures, and.

Funny story, I used the same artist in the original and the remastered can still check old pics over the examination tool and people actually started poking me a la 'that new artist is way better, keep using them' Drawing my own art for my game, like Emmerzail does will stay an unattainable dream. I can only write, and program decentish. Oh, dun worry, look at the second and third post above you, you are super considerate, and.

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In an ideal world only thing that'd limit my hentai scenes would be filesize. Its suprisingly hard to write 'X inserts appendage into Y's reproductive organs' and still keep it. Pykrete Blue Demon Girl Master. ed May 21, Messages Reputation score Oh, I can't read, re-edit. There is skip options, you just don't know that if you also skipped the intro and never checked through your items What good is negative feedback that arises not from something I can improve upon but from a players lack of desire to check out the game indepth?

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I have now sunk about 45 minutes into this game - and I have to admit, this is the dullest RPGMaker game I have ever played. The animations can't be skipped, the in-fight text can't be skipped, there's no way to speed up event-text, there are surprise bad-ends without a continue possibility again, no way to skip textthere's forced content why the fuck do I have to deal with this dumb theatre? All this is a shame, the artist really knows what he's doing and the clothing system and stat screen are fine.

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What a waste. I remember this game when it was just "the last demonhunter", many bad endings is the first thing i recall.

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Another thing was the simplistic options, for example at the start when a soldier told you to rescue a village, most quests were quite plain, however i liked that you had alignment and corruption. And the storyline was a bit poor, the same as the sex scenes and the combat wasn't a strong point of the game. From what I'm seeing in the game it has upgraded the art and how some places were, i don't see upgrades in storyline, combat ed Jun 28, Messages Reputation score The fighting is tedious not only because of the combat text, but also because even on easy difficulty, the enemies are still damage sponges, the menu interaction and attack animations can't be sped up.

Furthermore, the game is a grind fest. One of the first quests is to rid the city of the attacking monsters.

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So the average player will approach the task by killing every single slimegirl in town which is implied to be the right move since they don't respawn. Little does he know that he can just visit the succubus to advance the quest line - if he has ALREADY grinded enough slimegirls to stand a chance against her.

It doesn't get any better. I just redownloaded and checked. The information regarding skippable combat text not any other text, mind youis not in the introduction as you claimed herebut the tutorial Me not finding your combat text skip feature could also mean that it's currently in a hard-to-access spot.

That train of thought would require you to actually be able to take criticism So there you go, your single argument has been refuted. Since you behave like an immature prick, I'm done here. You and your project don't deserve any further attention or support. ed Jan 21, Messages 6, Reputation score 2, Re: The Last Demonhunter - Remastered Sorry folks, but I'm not here for extensive Drama and discussions, I'm here for the pronz and people wishing to discuss the game.

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Give me nice feedback, positive or negative, yes thats possible, I'll be nice to you. Give me harsh feedback, don't complain if I'm harsh in return, I think thats nothing but fair. Constructive criticism always encapsulates a 'This is how you could improve' Neither of the two did such. You can be an ass to me, and make helpful suggestions, but you can't be an ass, and not bring anything that helps the game out.

To anyone planning on giving him feedback, remember to serve it with some icecream soft serve, if available and plenty of honey. Sorry folks, but I'm not here for extensive Drama and discussions, I'm here the last demon hunter walkthrough the pronz and people wishing to discuss the game. Cool, I tried, have fun with your project. Re: The Last Demonhunter - Remastered asestado said:. Friend there is no drama don't worry. I won't post in this thread anymore so that i don't bother you. I wanted to give an honest review. It's a shame that I couldn't do it better, however I just want to ask that you are careful about offending people, sometimes someone wants to do a good thing but it is misread, calling people troll, being negative about what they say I think that we should always see things from both sides of the coin, so I will say I'm sorry if I offended you for my first post because it wasn't my intention, nothing else to say and i won't post anymore in this thread.

Alright, I apologize for the troll remark. In hindsight my grief was mostly with the post above you, and I was. That said. I'm left there standing with nothing but a thumbs down, ain't fun for anyone. Melissia Jungle Girl.


ed Nov 1, Messages 21 Reputation score 0. Re: The Last Demonhunter - Remastered Immediately after I got inside the second tower in the deeper forest beyond the spiders and suchthe game refused to let me move. Is that the current end of the content? Last edited: Mar 13, After I got to the second tower in the deeper forest beyond the spiders and suchthe game refused to let me move. Mordaen Jungle Girl. ed Feb 29, Messages 13 Reputation score 1. Really like how the mobs stay dead, very good for running back to nap.

Immediately after I got inside the second tower in the deeper forest beyond the spiders and suchthe game refused to let me move. I think it's quite needed this type of information. But as I was saying, it would be nice more development with them. In fact i think that you wanted to use many good things but they didn't have a good enough support. Oh man, I haven't played this since 0. ed May 5, Messages Reputation score Well I rather liked this game.

I haven't gotten to the end yet but i'm taking a break so here is the feedback. Pros: - Lots of scenarios in the world and bad endings, I've been trying to collect them but there are tons which is why im taking a break. Having to hunt for game over CGs or animations isn't fun. The missing Garudovalley map that crashes the game, endless respawning guards in the big city if you use plant pollen, etc. But overall I've been enjoying this game for the bad endings and narration. I was particularly surprised when the first slime cave had about 3 ways of getting a bad ending.

Re: The Last Demonhunter - Remastered I have the last demon hunter walkthrough "little" solution about the villagers, give more conversation to the succubus encounter, add a first fight which would be "her minions" or better called "the controlled villagers" and add a potion or two on the map.

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The fight would be solved by 2 ways, first of all attacking and killing them, it's faster because it will require 2 attacks, the second would be "guard 5 turns so that the brainwash wears off". Depending on the option you choose you gain alignment or lose it, it would be nice if you could have more or less people on the village depending on the option. Stranger Lurker. ed Nov 15, Messages Reputation score