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Tomboys Need Love Too looked to be a change of course: switching from the bloodier tales of the late eighties and early nineties of anime to a high school romance. So, how does our familiar writer make it through this one? Kai is your typical teenage boy just trying to make it through the day in one piece.

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Tomboys Need Love Too! Finding a girlfriend is his first priority. Kai has two love interests: his crush, Sophie, and his best friend, a tomboy named Chris. That means if you really like that type of girl, and if you're a fan of the childhood best friend trope, the game is perfect for you. Do keep in mind that it contains sexual content, however.

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Tomboys need love too! – pc review

Tomboys Need Love Too! The two girls are Chris short for Christine and Sophie. While both can be romanced, there are five endings, which means that, depending on the choices you make throughout the game, you can have pretty different outcomes.

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Shortly, most of the of certain decisions as well as the different endings are pretty obvious, most of the time. The problem is that there is almost no subtlety to most of the choices except for some.

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All conversations benefit the game as a whole in some way or another, either by advancing the story even slightly or helping characterization. For example, there is a whole, albeit pretty short, conversation about the main character wanting to get into game developing after he finishes high school, which is then countered by Chris scolding him for wanting to make games just because he enjoys them while, at the same time, not knowing anything about developing video games.

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The game is filled with those kinds of dialogues. There is nothing very wrong with the art style, but it just seems a bit unpolished at times.

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It kind of reminds me of the art from Roommates but slightly downgraded. The same goes for music. There was no voice acting of any kind.

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While the presentation of the character de suffers a bit from the art style not being very good, in general, the ideas are pretty nice and well done. The erotic scenes also suffer from the general art style not being great, but they still look good enough for me to consider them hot, and the sex scenes are written very well.

Tomboys need love too! – pc review

Since there is no voice acting in the game, they, as well as most of the game, go by pretty quickly. As I ly said, the game is pretty short in general, coupled with the fact that there are no voices and thus, no artificial lengthening of the game time. I, personally, finished the first playthrough in about four hours.

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This game makes a pretty compelling argument for tomboys, is very nicely written despite some small issues here and there, and looks nice enough to not diminish the positive experience of the written aspect too much. For all that, I recommend you get it if you enjoy visual novels with some, but not an extreme, of choices or if you like short visual novels for one reason or another. However, you might want to wait for a sale of some kind to get it due to how short it is, depending on your current situation.

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Faris gives Tomboys Need Love Too! Author Recent Posts. Reviewer at The Drastik Measure. I am Faris, an eternal student in making, anime enthusiast, gamer and an avid reader.

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