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Some even mentioning ancient ruins scattered all around the land, but not many were able to learn about the past.

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Lust is a type of health used to determine horniness if it is at max the PC will be defeated in combat.

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Minimum lust determines the minimum amount of lust the pc must have. Maximum lust determines how much lust the PC can gain before being defeated. These status effect can not be obtained naturally without the Omega Oil status effect.

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Things that increase minimum lust to a certain. Total Minimum lust is total additive minimum lust. From Trials in Tainted Space Wiki.

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Has Amazonian Needs perk. Has Black Latex perk.

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Wearing Butler Costume. Has Treated Readiness perk Total Minimum lust less than Has Priapism Status effect Total Minimum lust less than Has Paradise! Status effects Total Minimum lust less than Has Peace of Mind perk Total Minimum lust less than Wearing Savicite Cockring Total Minimum lust less than

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