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Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr.

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Years old: 34
Where am I from: Thai
Eye tone: I’ve got lustrous gray-blue eyes
Sex: Woman
Hair color: I have short wavy ash-blond hair
Sign of the zodiac: Libra
Figure type: My body features is plump
Hobbies: Reading

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Description: Dom! Hyunjin, Use of the term Master, Dubcon? Writer's comment: In no way does this story represent the kinks or actions of the Idol, it is pure fiction.

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The room was quiet as you walked in, the large doors behind you getting closed by two guards who looked exactly the same as all the other ones aligned next to the red carpet. The red carpet led to the throne of your King, the one whose rules you lived by on a daily basis. His hair was long, a silver tone and put up in a high ponytail. A few long strands of his hair covered the side of his face, being too short to fit in with the rest. He wore a black and red outfit, showing off the colours of the town that he ruled over. Just like him, your body was covered only slightly by black and red materials.

Your outfit showed off your legs and your chest, while his showed off his strong arms and his abdomen.

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As you walked towards him the only thing that could be heard were the heals you were wearing. Your chin and eyes pointed downwards instead of up, to show your status, your subservience. You could tell he was pleased, one corner of his mouth raising as he looked at you. His back was turned to you for a moment, guiding you along the long carpet. You looked left and right at the guards, the ones at the beginning bending down for him, getting on both of their knees and resting their forehead on the cold floor.

Then to the guards at the end, who held shields that were much taller than themselves, blocking their sight. As you and your King almost reached the throne, he turned back around to look at you. Your eyes immediately moved down to not make eye contact with him, earning a low hum from him.

He grabbed a hold of his red cape that was covering one of his arms, taking it off of his body and throwing it to the side. Yet again he reached for something, his arm disappearing behind him and your eyes met with tumblr hot mama threatening length of his metal sword.

His eyes were on you stronger than ever as the blade moved to touch your skin. The King tilted his head before moving his sword up against the bottom of your chin, moving your face up to make eye contact with him. The metal felt cold against your skin but quickly warmed up as it stayed on the same spot.

The eyes of the King were light blue, piercing through you in the same way his sword could.

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His sword slowly left the old spot to travel to a new one. His metal sword with his full name engraved in it moved away from you, your heart slowing down a little. You had no idea it would start to beat even faster than before very soon. The King held out his hand at the steps to his throne and as obedient as you were, you gently placed your palm in his and walked up the stairs with him.

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To feel his skin against yours, of someone so powerful, made you feel on top of the world. Latterly, he wanted to see you more often to give you tasks that were much more special compared to the ones other women got. Just before the last step he gently let go of you hand.

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You now stood before the last step while he was standing right in front of you. The beautiful throne behind him and your eyes on his exposed abdomen. His warm finger moved over the cheek that had just stopped spilling blood, his fingertip pressing into the small wound making you hiss in pain.

You could see his well-trained abdomen, the veins on his underarm. You almost forgot about all the guards, as if he was pulling you in with a spell.

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Nothing else mattered in that moment, you wanted to please your King like you had done with all your tasks too. The feeling in your core only got worse as you saw the prominent bulge in his leather jeans, wondering if only seeing you like this had caused that.

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For the first time in your life you saw your King bend down slightly, making eye contact with you again. He took out a dagger that was attached to his leg by a harness, pressing it to your neck and leaning in to lick along the small cut he made there.

He followed the blood down your neck with kisses, cleaning it all. At that point, you let go of any sounds that wanted to be heard after that first one. It pleased your King very much to hear you, feeling even more power rush through his veins. He unbuttoned his jeans next, only enough to take out his thick cock that made your mouth water at the sight. He held onto your hair, turning it into a beautiful ponytail with the red ribbon he had tied around his wrist just seconds before.

You eagerly moved your mouth closer to him by yourself, his hand holding the base of his length.

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You opened your mouth, your beautiful red lips wrapping around his red head. Your tongue moving over the underside of his length and your throat relaxing as you pushed him further and further into your mouth.

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The scene turned dirtier by the second, his groans filling the entire room with guards still standing their ground hearing everything. His hips moved forward and back continuously, fucking your mouth at the speed that felt the best to him.

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Some spit dripped down the corner of your mouth, making a slight mess. As you felt him twitch, your core clenched making you hum around him. The vibrations went through his length, his hand grabbing your ponytail in response. He pulled you up by it, your mouth feeling empty as he pulled out.

You swallowed the spit and pre cum that were left in your mouth, licking your lips after.

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He pulled you towards his throne, your core throbbing in need for something. Before you could think about what his next move was going to be, your body was bend over the grey armrest of his throne.


He moved your red skirt all the way up to your waist, his hands so big and warm on your untouched skin. His dagger cut straight through your black underwear, exposing yourself to your King. You could feel how wet you were as your legs were still close together, which was quickly changed as he pushed against both of your feet to spread your legs.

Without any warning, his large palm landed on your ass.

He spanked you till it started to burn, till you lost count and beautiful marks started appearing for him. As he lost his patience, he grabbed your ponytail again and wrapped it around his hand. You felt him push his large length inside of you, stretching you and filling you like no man had ever been able to do before.

His hips slammed against your ass, fucking you hard, leaving you to be nothing but a moaning mess. With a loud groan he finally came inside of you, his hips moving slower but still fucking into you with all the strength he had inside of him. The warm feeling of his cum filling you made you cum too, moaning even louder than before and clenching so much that every drop he had was spilled inside of you.

Someone as powerful as the both of us? He turned you around and brought your face tumblr hot mama to his own. She likes rules, limits and safety of someone to look after her and keep her in line A little Monday motivation for you.