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I'd like seeking warlocks and boobs that like teachers

Krowley always wanted to learn magic, hunt for monster girls, and most of all, get laid. Help guide Krowley in fulfilling his dreams! It will trigger small dialogue scene and unlock scene with Astra at Wednesday and Friday night.

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Years: I am 25
Ethnic: Swedish
Tone of my iris: I’ve got lively gray-blue eyes
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Krowley always wanted to learn magic, hunt for monster girls, and most of all, get laid.


Help guide Krowley in fulfilling his dreams! It will trigger small dialogue scene and unlock scene with Astra at Wednesday and Friday night. Scene with Astra has 2 variant depending on the relationship with her. Krowly can now Rose and Jaina behind the tavern fucking Rose from behind. Small thing: Scene where Krowly fucks Eric now has a variant that can be triggered at the hunt via the flirt menu. She is the result of several patreon polls. She replaced the elven milf in elven camp. Krowly can help her in the smithy day time and bring her specific items evening.

She can visit the spa or be visited by the wine merchant Dario. In the future she will get the illustration where we will see her huge butt and probably some sex scenes. Now all the characters in game have custom illustration or portrait.

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Event during the hunt with Juliette that le to the new sex scene with Eric. Two hidden mini locations with some nonrandom loot. New scenes: A blowbang scene for Rose behind the tavern. Krowly fucks Eric in the ass. First time can be unblocked in the event with Juliette during the hunt, after that can be triggered via the flirt menu in the tavern 50 or more relationship points for flirt option. Instead of fighting an orc guy Krowly now can offer him his butt if Krowly was buttfucked Wine Merchant and his bodyguard got names.

Bodyguard also got pixel sprite. Flower girl after getting magic pollen can be met again in some random places. The place where she will spawn is being chosen during the morning, so on the old save file you will need to sleep first.

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It unblocks her new titfuck scene and her flirt menu. She also was added to the relationship system.

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To start the quest talk to her if you already met Iss. The magic eye is now a character. He has introduction dialogue and something to say about Jimm, Meril, Lizzy, and village girls overall. In the future he will be used in some quests. Also he is a jerk. New sermon in the church. New scenes: Alice handjob in the church.

No illustration. Taisha cleavagefuck Diana titfuck. Updated scenes: Fina and Juliette.

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Just go upstairs to start the quest. After finishing new quest you may want to talk to Jill. Field work. Krowly can expand the amount of plants he can grow at some time by clearing his field. Stepbro system. Jill now will refer to Krowly as a stepbro by default. When you will meet her first time the game will ask you if you want to keep it this way, or if you want to change it. If you will want to change it you will have to type in the way you want her to call Krowly and Krowly call her manually.

The words you will type in will be used in all their dialogues. Later in game you can go to cheat room if you want to make changes. I was thinking about how to warlocks and boobs this change less impactful as possible, and I think this solution is good enough Same thing was done for Jenna and Eric. Let me know if you will notice that something is wrong. I went through all their dialogues and scenes, probably created a lot of bugs, but might miss something anyway. Rose pussyfuck. Has a chance to be triggered first time when you help Rose test her potions if your relationship with her is 50 or higher.

After that can be triggered during the hunt via sex menu. Jaina handjob. Thursday morning, talk to Rose. Relationship with Jaina should be 20 or higher. No illustration for now. Scene is written by Idler. Illustration of Diana without her helmet is used when she is relaxing.

When daytime is changing Krowly mentions if he is hungry or too horny.


After winning a battle against busty fairies Krowly not caw choose to fuck one in the ass or to get a triple titfuck same scene as when he loses Fixes:. As Rose or Eric, she can be wearing her normal clothes, nothing, or black lingerie. The game will automatically change her sprite, illustration, and portraits in all the dialogues.

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Also the game will be showing matching illustrations in her titfuck scene. New randomized dungeon.

New dungeon is possible to visit during the hunt if you already completed the first randomized dungeon the one with Priestess in the last room. It has new type of puzzles inspired by the game Immortals Fenyx Rising. The layout of the dungeon stays the same, but the enemies, loot spawn, exit location and the location of the lever to open the exit are randomized. It means that you can be unlucky and meet a horde of enemies but no loot xD.

Or vice versa.

Warlock and boobs – version hotfix 3 + walkthrough

It also has hidden reference that I found funny. Let me know if you will find it. New scenes:. Can be triggered for the first time via her chat menu if the relationship with her is higher then After that it becomes accessible via flirt menu. Starts the quests that will be added in the future. Eric fucks Jenna in the butt. Uses same illustrations.

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Now should work. Mushroom respawn is fixed.

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In the event with the abandoned church and battle nuns the entrance to the church is now warlocks and boobs. In the future we will get a quest to restore the second floor. Can be triggered started at sunday if your relationship with Elizabeth Darkwood is higher then 11 and the quest «Futa music» is finished.

Talk to futa manager during the day or to Carla at the evening. Also you can just find Elizabeth on the map. Hunt sistem was reworked. Now you can hunt with Eric 3 times a day and also you can choose the dungeon where to go if you have already found it. For example you can fight slime at the first attempt, meet Mable and suck her milk at the second, and find a dungeon at the third all three are random. If you will lose in the battle or successfully clear a dungeon you will automatically return to the camp.

Also every time you discover new dungeon game adds it to the list and next time you can choose an option to go to that dungeon instead of hunting. It hurts but the game continues. Passing out from hunger second time will also give -5 MaxHP permanent debuff. Lizzy and Meril. Krowly can use his monstergils help as the abilities in battles.