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Wonderful chica found guy wife fucks dog story lapdance

Wife Fucking Dog by Poslednji. I have had a caravan that I turned into my office, away from the home in the backyard of the house.

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My wife does anything I ask, so that basically leaves the door wide open for me to do as I please. In the past I have brought home many of my friends for her to service.

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My wife Tracy and I had only been married a short time and like newly married couples sex was always there just waiting for an opportunity. We had been walking on the waterfront when this stray dog came out of the parking lot and he looked half starved and Tracy said oh the poor thing looks hungry and I had been chewing on an energy bar so I tossed it over to him and he sniffed it then he quickly devoured it in one gulp and stood there looking at us forlornly and that was all we had so feeling guilty we not knowing just what to do we headed home and he followed us hopefully.

I opened the ate and I got him a couple hot dogs and I went back out and he had came into the yard and watched me carefully but as soon as he smelled the meat he devoured it and looked again up at me wagging his tail and so Tracy and I agreed to fed him and call the SPCA. I combed him out getting a mass of fleas off of him and he let me take a hose and wash him down happy for the attention and he was not much more than a pup and he was very friendly so we kept him with us without making plans to keep him but not neglecting him either and days passed Tracy called him Duke and he began to answer to it and he had freedom of the house to because we felt sorry for him.

He brought her to a second orgasm almost as good as the first then he let me take him outside. Tracy was so weak from her orgasm that she was asleep when I came back in and I sat there wondering if maybe i could talk her into letting him fuck her that had been fantastic. Great story, I talked a girlfriend into doing that it took several days but she finally gave in after about 15 minutes of licking her pussy I told her to get on her hands and knees and let him lick that way, I knew he would probably try and mount her and he did, she freaked out but it was to late, after about 10 minutes of hard fucking he had knotted in her, she cum so many times, when he pulled out I was hard as a rock and I fucked her,Moshe said I think you enjoyed that also, I said it was the most exciting thing I had ever seen, now she fucks him often and I love fucking her hot wet pussy when he is done.

This is wild. Pretty sure she was mine and sorry bro but we both were played haha.

I remember when i was younger my cousin held me down and made his dog have his way with me now that im older i cant help but to not think horrible thots about dogs inside me like as i type this now im just imaging a big dog having his way with my tiny pussy while another rapes my mouth…ill take all the doggy dick…im a good girl…Califoria area meet up only My sc its. She has a nice plump think I ass, and sometimes I wonder if she could take if a horse show is big dick in her.

Did you suck the dog or just get fucked, cause it sounds like you had more sex with your cousins dog then just once. I enjoy while she locked with dog.

Excellent U from which city I from mumbai City I want to see women fucking by dog. Contact me [ protected]. But you know it would like to blindfold her you little Niger take his big black dick and tear that pussy up rough and hard imagine your wife playing moaning and saying that big black dick in or imagine your wife sleeps wrapped with dick sucking dick looking you in the eyes tell me how good it feels sometimes I imagine my blonde thick fine woman doing the same.

This should not happen but its so fucking horney and watching the dog his massive long tongue going up your Mrs arse and pussy licking the clit it makes her cum non stop mmmm!

And hopefully she wants his cock up her. And then sometimes I imagineher passed out in a mini skirt on the bed on the corner and my dog stand up on two feet and show his dick in her sideways turn lock is stuck inside her pussy. I love to freaking with women and are fantasizing about all kinds of stuff I fantasize about black girl pushing her titties together insane in protein in huge BBC light between the pretty White breasts and her red.

Wow it must have made you horny watching a dog make your wife cumhopefully you get to see him fuck her. Zoophilia Wife and a stray dog Oct Words 39 4.

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