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Talk about serving hotness on Instagram and Denise Milani's name tops the list. The Czech model has maintained a sexy Instagram feed and it's only getting better with each passing day.

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What is my age: 27
Orientation: Man
What is my body features: My body type is skinny
I prefer to drink: Absinthe
My hobbies: Travelling
Piercing: None

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Technical information for those that are curious: I took this photograph indoors using the Canon 30Dcoupled with the Canon L Lensand used the Canon Speedlite Flash for illumination. Denise is local to California, and you can see her website at: denisemilani.

She is one in a million talent and a once in a blue moon beauty.

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Her talent and beautiful face coincides with her natural ability to make people love her. She is also a graduate in college with flying colors. Denise Milani Explore Trending Events More More.

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Denise Milani by Robert Miller. Add me as a friend here on Flickr for access to even more photographs. DeniseMilani by Christy Weinberg.

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Denise Milani by bryanwi DeniseMilani in a gymslip. DeniseMilani-3 by Me. Plastic Surgery Pics of Denise Mi by sonam mehranza.

DeniseMilani by Me. Denise Milani's giantess by Anthony johnson. Denise Milani giantess by Anthony johnson.

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Denise Milani by Christian Caron. SagiaCastanedas Vs DeniseMilani by thedece. Denise Milani Sunflower by Jerzy Radzimowski. DeniseMilani by Macho Cabrio. Plastic Surgery Pics of Denise Mi by rebbtrapdoor.

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The IPOD is real. Don't know about the boobs. Plastic Surgery Pics of Denise Mi by pkanzu zonas. Plastic Surgery Pics of Denise Mi by clamouresmera. Denise Milani A by Jerzy Radzimowski.

Denise Milani C by Jerzy Radzimowski. Denise Milani by Jerzy Radzimowski. DeniseMilani by Craig Schuster.

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