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Fuskator Fuskator.

Years old: 38
Sign of the zodiac: My Zodiac sign Libra
Other hobbies: Listening to music

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Not every fap has to be to the newest and boldest 4k HD VR porn out there. Sure, that shit is great. They are pretty simple, but they almost always have a ton of content. And the site that has all of the fappable shit today is called fuskator. It sounds vaguely Swedish? Who knows, and who cares?

And Fuskator is maintaining a pretty consistent 6ish million visitors every month. When you first head over to fusktor. It has a beautiful black background with gray thumbnail boxes and light text. My initial thought here was that the thumbnails www fuskator a bit too small.

Yeah, you get a lot more galleries on the screen with the small boxes, but I would have preferred fewer thumbs with larger images. They boast in the top right corner that the site contains over 7 million images, nearly thousand galleries, and 3 thousand gigs of material. As you should expect, there is a lot of variety in content here. You could search up just about anything from lesbian and bukkake scenes to BDSM and scat.

But, no complaints here! They know their audience and are sticking to it well. Seriously, the other options here are pretty trash. The of tags?

How does that help anything? The only one that really helps is the quality search. The random images button just gives you a of random single pictures taken out of galleries. Random thumbs gallery takes you to a random gallery of thumbnails.

And the random full gallery takes you to a where all the images are fully expanded. It works relatively well. Completely Free to and No Necessary Usually with these sites, you have to log in to content, but here anybody can do it. This feature uplo every image from the gallery link you provided. So, most, if not all, of the content on the site comes from outside sites like imagefap or xhamster. When you are viewing the gallery, you can click on each image and flip through easily by using the arrows on either side of the picture.

Additionally, you can see the URL of the original gallery, a tab of similar galleries, the tags that this gallery has, and flag it if you find something illegal. The mobile experience leaves some things to be desired. The images blow up, and you can swipe through without an issue. And the desktop and mobile sites have a surprising lack of .

Fuskator review

No pop-ups or anything else. I was pleasantly surprised since free image galleries like this are usually infested with. I also like the fact that everything here is user-ed from alternate sites. It would make quite a bit easier. I would also like to see a better scaled mobile experience.

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